Denny’s an American diner style restaurant chain located in overall 1700 different countries in world. Denny’s is also known as Denny’s dinner on some location.

A well known restaurant open 24/7 without a break, even at night time Denny’s restaurant open and serve food. Only in during covid 19 pandemic Denny’s restaurants close in some location and limited their serving time.


First Denny’s restaurant opens in Lakewood California in 1953 as a coffee shop. After 3 years in 1956 the Jezak’s departure a 6 store butlers changed their name from to Denny’s coffee shop. Now the restaurant opens 24/7. 

The period of 1950’s a boomerang shaped roof created by Los Angeles architects armlet and Davis in building this shaped famous all over the country. The also shaped a building in zig zag shingled roof in 1965 as an coffee shop the both shaped very popular across the America. Most of the location of Denny’s is freeway off ramp in large signage.

In 1989 the main office of Denny’s is present in La Mirada, California. Further the restaurant move from La Mirada to Irvine, California. And further move to Spartanburg, South Carolina. The birthday deal was also introduce by Denny’s in 1990 through 1996 free birthday food deal available for as an birthday surprise. 


Large amount of consumer was interested in diner concept in Denny’s restaurant and like different modular building that’s why Denny’s is famous in world. 

International and domestic growth of Denny’s:

The pilot flying J idea introduce by Denny’s restaurant in July 2010 in US this idea grow day by day and Denny’s popularity is famous in diner style restaurant total 123 pilot flying J idea restaurant open in US.

Total 1685 restaurant present in 2011, the company always serves food as a diner restaurant but most of the people like franchise and still franchise available in world.

Denny’s restaurant open

In 2012 first Denny’s restaurant open in Las Americas international airport, Denny’s agreement with china to open 50 different restaurants in different location the first store open in southern china and due to this Denny’s become a largest international development deal.

Denny’s open its first restaurant in New York in august 2014 the location is very famous but small scale so the consumer wait for food for about an hour. Now Denny’s serve alcohol and Grand Cru Slam which cost is $300. 

On December 27 Denny’s first open restaurant in UK. Christmas celebration performed for homeless people in Swansea. They serve amazing food and drinks. Consumer loves the food.


The world famous food chain supply by Denny’s restaurant, most people like and love Denny’s because of delicious taste and presentation. The special diner style restaurant attracts people more. Consumer visit with family and friend enjoy the friendly environment with staff.

If you want healthy breakfast with delicious taste only Denny’s restaurant like fit slam. The menu is full of taste and quantity is quite pretty, if you hungry and you want a full meal then you can eat the famous lumberjack slam.

The top 7 delicious and healthy food serve by Denny’s is here.


If you want sweet something in breakfast you can choose cinnamon pan cake which is very tasty and fluffy. This breakfast is also healthy, after trying this many times always new flavor enhance your sweet buds. 

The most favorite part in this pan cake is drizzle cheese on it and icing also served with hash brown bacon and sausage. This roll pan cake is made from buttermilk and topping with cinnamon give you a little crush which is very tasty.


This is the best thing in the Denny’s menu is All American slam, this is the full meal to eat all of your craving is fully satisfied the most important part in All American Slam is crunchy bacon  and sausage. They serve in huge quantity, in which scramble egg with cheddar cheese with bacon and sausage and also with white whole bread.

Drink also serve with All American Slam is orange juice and either to select any juice you want.


Another delicious breakfast item is avalible in Denny’s restaurant, this dish is also satisfied your sweet craving. This yummy pancake is made from buttermilk and topped with Ghirardelli chocolate chip. The combination of buttermilk with chocolate chip gives you a flavorful taste with good fragrance. Also served topping with banana, side lines of this dish is hash brown bacon, scrambled egg and sausages.


The new dish in Denny’s but famous because of the taste, some sour and crispy nachos give you a delicious taste. This dish is famous among the people who not like hash brown.

The bowl of homemade crispy and crunchy nachos with a sauce of cheddar cheese, potatoes and bacon bits. The more cheese added as a topping with pepper and jalapeños. Topping with jalapeños and cream enhance the taste of nachos.


When you are looking for different to taste this The Grand Slamwich is first choice for you. This slamwich is full of taste with different aroma and looking like a sandwich this slamwich is made by potato bread which is made from potato flour and the topped item is too good. The Grand slamwich have ingredients that are scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, ham and American cheese.


Classic breakfast lover love French toast slam very much. Consumer mainly order this breakfast on daily basis they love to eat this breakfast. The taste is very yummy and delicious. The taste of toast generate from melted butter with egg and bacon, they served this slam with fresh French toast with egg, bacon and sausage. 

Upper topping with maple syrup and butter they enhance the taste of French toast slam.


Healthy food is also served by Denny’s; this item is very famous among people. Fit fare veggie skillet is healthy and nutritional food with taste and quantity of this item is huge, this is the perfect meal for dinner and lunch.

This veggie skillet is made by loaded veggies with use of white part of scrambled egg. Potatoes, onion, red, yellow bell pepper served sizzling hot with sautéed broccoli this sizzling taste enhance the flavor of food, grapes and tomatoes also served with this veggies. Last thing the most favorite thing of people is this most tempting salsa also served with this.
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