The Main Attraction Of Middle Eastern Cuisine For North Indian Food Lovers
The Main Attraction Of Middle Eastern Cuisine For North Indian Food Lovers
You need to try some of these middle eastern dishes to understand the taste of flavourful disease.

Globalisation has made food lovers delve into various kinds of cuisines. That is why we can try various tastes and spices that are delightful with their flavours and aesthetics. One such famous cuisine is middle eastern cuisine, which many can savour. It has proximity to Indian cuisine due to the similarities in spices and ingredients. If you love any cuisine, you will definitely like the other. To try different kinds of delicacies, you must start with Lebanese grills in Jalan Besar, which will help you understand the attraction for middle eastern cuisine.

Let’s look at the food items to check the main attraction of middle eastern cuisine for Indian food lovers.


One of the most renowned and most popular middle eastern dishes is falafel. This dish’s popularity has reached the West because of its unique flavours and concoction of spices. This dish resembles the Indian version of vegetable cutlet, where different vegetables and herbs are used. Apart from the basics, there is a slight difference in the taste between these two dishes. That is why you can enjoy either according to your preference.


Chickpeas are another ingredient that is more common in middle eastern cuisine. The famous dish Hamas uses as the main ingredient. The combined aroma and spices used in Hamas are remarkable. Hamas is generally mashed and blended with tahini and lemon juice which adds an exotic flavour. Suppose you have tasted the everyday use of chickpeas in North Indian food in Singapore. In that case, you will notice the use of flavorful chickpeas in the dishes like chana chaat, chole bhatura and chana masala.

Batata Harra:

A famous Lebanese appetizer is batata harra, closer to another prominent Indian food item called batata vada. The similarity of this flavour can be seen in European french fries, which have been popularised worldwide. Various herbs have made the dish flavourful and equally appealing to all the connoisseurs of food from both cuisines.

If you are a food lover and love aromatic, flavourful spices in your food, Lebanese grills in Jalan Besar are the right destination to satisfy your cravings and you will get to explore your food options.

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