Food Consultants in Kochi |Food and beverage Nutraceuticals Consultants
Food Consultants in Kochi |Food and beverage Nutraceuticals Consultants
The Food Processing sector in Kochi is innovative Global Food Research Lab assists food business owners in Kerala to manufacture and market their food and beverage products

Food Consultants in Kochi |Food and beverage Nutraceuticals Consultants

Kerala has long been regarded as a “Leader State” in the food processing industry. Since    its independence, it has had a strong food processing sector contributing significantly to its food exports.

In terms of cultivation and output, Kerala has a near-monopoly on the pepper crop. Pepper is grown on 0.85 million hectares, yielding 0.34 million metric tons. Pepper is part of Kerala’s well-established food processing industry, which contributes significantly to exports.

Cochin will soon evolve as one of the leading food production hubs in India on account of export ports and also natural resources. Food Research Lab is honored to be a part of it, and we strive for excellence as one of Cochin’s leading food, beverage, and nutraceutical experts.

About Food & Nutraceutical Contract Research Lab

Food Research Lab is an exclusive food & nutraceutical contract research company for your New Food, beverages & nutraceutical’s formulation. Our state-of-the-art lab has all the required technologies and certified expert food technologists, nutritionists, microbiologists and chemists / ayurvedic specialists to assist our clients with the best possible solutions. In addition, we offer food and beverage and nutraceutical companies’ innovative solutions, transaction support, and market strategies that help them enter and expand into new markets in a way that is impactful, successful, and long-lasting.

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