Are you an expert in finding out the best food
Are you an expert in finding out the best food
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Let’s suppose that you are a food fanatic that lives in the crossroads of Karachi. Most of the time you are involved with tasting food across your area and that has made you an expert in it. Are you sure you are the best in savoring and tasting stuff and can give some rational conclusions about things, even though you are not a professional chef or something. Well, as for fast food deals, we can say that you can do that. However, as for overall types of food in the world. We can hardly come up to a conclusion.

In the past, let’s go back to the Mughal era when the King’s or strong members of the court had a main man or woman that checked the food by eating it before the important individual tasted it. That’s primarily because to make sure if the food isn’t poisonous and to check the taste suited for their master or mistress. Same thing is done by those YouTube vloggers now, don't you think? As we are living in a democracy now, they are doing this job for the public.

When you are a hardcore food fanatic who only think about getting his or her taste right, you must always have a go onto various eateries across your area and also searched pasta near me and likely key words in your search engines, right? Well, if you have, then congratulations, you are 30% of a total food fanatic. Don’t be surprised, that's all the truth. No one will do it unless he or she is truly a food fanatic.

So, what if you visit a restaurant and order some of your favorite dishes, could be anything, and you are not content with the taste. What will you do then? Well, as a sane individual you will go report it to the manager right? But there are some loose ones that spark a fight only for the sake that their food did not taste right. If you are a Pizza lover, then you must have searched for Pizza delivery near me on your search engine if you are ordering it online. What if you get the Pizza and it makes you feel like vomiting? Would you complain to the authorities or you concur that it’s just your taste buds feeling funny?

Well, whatever the case may be, you have to stick by the rules as the customers and have to know about your rights in this regard as well. You don’t just make things slide only for the sake of the chaos in society, don’t you? But, instead you should go for it. Because it’s them that were on the wrong, not you. If someone asks you that you aren’t a professional, what gives you the right to judge someone’s food? Reply to that fool by saying “I am giving money to savor the right things for my taste bud and yet eating shit is not acceptable. It is a violation of the rights of the customers according to the constitution of Pakistan”.