CBD Face Scrub
CBD Face Scrub
Are you looking for a CBD face scrub? Shop our CBD scrub, formulated with activated carbon, without detectable THC, and keeps skin moisturized with sweet almond oil.
Our CBD Face Scrub is formulated with activated carbon to provide a gentle abrasion without discomfort.  A peppermint gives a refreshing tingle, while sweet almond oil helps keep skin moisturized.

About our CBD Face Scrub 

Many-a CBD scrub are out there, so how do you know which CBD scrub to choose. We can’t comment on them, but we can say that our CBD face scrub will provide you with a clean, fresh, minty coolness that is absent in the other CBD scrub. Give it a try today and see for yourself! 

How to purchase LifesourceCBD CBD face scrub? 

Previously only available to private clients, our CBD scrub is now available for purchase by the public right here at, as well as at select retail locations such as the AerosourceH Grow Store in Marion, Illinois.