Buy Lebanese Food Online At Best Price | Byroots
Buy Lebanese Food Online At Best Price | Byroots
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Buy Lebanese Food Online At Best Price | Byroots

Authentic Lebanese food opens your palate to a world of fascinating flavours that get better with each bite by combining spicy Arabic flavors with the colours and textures of Mediterranean cuisine.

Lebanon’s climate, geography, and influences from its surroundings have all contributed to its cuisine, which is abundant in fresh vegetables, succulent meat, and potent spices and juices.

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Main Courses and Appetizers from Lebanon: Tabbouleh with Bulgur Salad. Tabbouleh-Parsley Bulgur Salad This unique Lebanese dish is made with bulgur, finely chopped tomatoes, onions, fresh parsley and mint, olive oil, and a drizzle of lemon juice.

It is widely consumed throughout the day and is typically paired with Lebanese mezze, an appetiser spread.

The Lebanese have tweaked this tried-and-true dish over time by substituting tomatoes for pomegranate seeds and bulgar for quinoa.

Tabbouleh has become increasingly popular in a number of other nations due to its abundance of delicious, fresh ingredients.

Fattoush — Pita Salad 2Fattoush is a popular salad that can be served as part of the Lebanese mezze, or spread of appetizers. It is rich and delicious.

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Fattoush is traditionally a salad made with fried pita bread or pita chips, lettuce, mint, cucumbers, tomatoes, and radishes.

Olive oil, sumac, lemon juice, and pomegranate molasses are used to season it! This results in a salad that is vibrant, filling, and a little bit spicy.

Fattoush salad has been experimented with over time by Lebanese people by adding a wide variety of different ingredients.

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This simple Lebanese dish is a must-try, and it’s a delicious salad that goes well with both lunch and dinner.

3: Labneh, which is a creamy yoghurt spreadLabneh is one of Lebanon’s most popular breakfast options.

Labneh is a type of yoghurt that is made by straining the yogurt’s excess liquid until you get a firm, creamy white dip.

It has a flavour that has just the right balance of salt, tang, and sour. With olive oil and fresh olives, it tastes best when served cold.

In a lot of Lebanese households, labneh is extremely popular. Spread it on toast, pita bread, or baguettes, and garnish with thyme and other herbs.

Additionally, labneh can be combined with garlic paste to make a delicious and thick Lebanese mezze spread for lunch.

Labneh can be made in a variety of ways using goat’s milk. It is dried out, rolled into balls, and stored in olive oil jars for a longer shelf life after being strained. It’s delectable!

4: Hummus and chickpea dipLebanese food: One of the most well-liked and well-loved dishes from the Levantine region is hummus, also known as chickpea dip.

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Traditionally, hummus is a dip made with tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic, and chickpeas.

It’s a delicious savoury dish that goes well with a lot of different foods. It can be spread on a variety of breads, used as a dip for raw or cooked vegetables, served as a side dish with platters of grilled meat or chicken, or eaten alone.

Even though the most widely used recipe is still the traditional one, Lebanon is home to many different kinds of hummus.

Mignon and onion hummus, as well as hummus made with basil or beetroot, are among the most well-liked varieties of hummus.

The history of Lebanese cuisine spans several millennia. The Greek, Roman, Persian, and Phoenician periods all contributed to the creation of numerous traditional Lebanese dishes. It has been influenced by Turkey and France, two of the countries that have held power in Lebanon over the past half century.

The Lebanese eat a lot of seafood, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Among the most common ingredients are chickpeas and parsley, as well as garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. Lebanese food is typically grilled, baked, or cooked lightly in olive oil. Although poultry is consumed more frequently than red meat, common proteins include goat and lamb.

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