Low-Calorie Frozen Yogurt
Low-Calorie Frozen Yogurt
Low-Calorie Frozen Yogurt

Looking for an amazing and healthy dairy product that can be enjoyed either with a snack or alone? Well then, look no further, as yogurt might just be what you need.


It's a popular dairy product that's made from the bacterial fermentation of milk. For several years, yogurt has been consumed by humans and has many health benefits, such as - digestive benefits, bone health, weight maintenance, and the likes.


Although there are several types of yogurt available, they all have their health benefits. However, today, we will be talking about the benefits of having yogurts with low calories. 


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How is yogurt made?

Again, yogurt is a popular dairy product that's gotten from the bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria that are used to make these yogurt's are called yogurt cultures.


These bacterial ferments the natural sugar (lactose) found in milk which produces lactic acid. A substance that causes the protein in milk to curdle, giving yogurt its unique taste, texture, and flavor.


Types of yogurt


Although yogurt is made from milk, there are still varieties of yogurt, and this is because these yogurts are made from different types of milk.


It could either be made from skim milk, which is considered fat-free (low calorie) or; it could be made from whole milk, which is also considered full-fat. 


The plain yogurt is also white without added colorant, thick, and has a tangy flavor. But unfortunately, most branded yogurts you'd find usually contain flavors that are not good for your health.


To get the most health benefits from yogurts, plain unsweetened yogurt is the way to go.


What are the health benefits of low-calorie yogurts?


Without much further ado, here is a list of some health benefits of low-calorie yogurts:


It's rich in protein

It's rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12, riboflavin, and the likes which, helps to fight away heart diseases and other diseases

It helps to strengthen your immune system

It helps to improve your digestive health and much more 




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