Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment by Dr. Vinod Raina
Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment by Dr. Vinod Raina
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Erectile dysfunction can strike men of any age, and it never strikes at a convenient time. While it is sometimes assumed that erectile dysfunction only affects older men, the truth is that it can afflict young men, middle-aged men, and even older men. If impotence is harming your sexual relationship or your ability to have successful sex, it's crucial to talk to your doctor. It could be caused by a treatable disease like high blood pressure, or it could be due in part to certain lifestyle habits.

Here are some common factors to consider that could be contributing to your erectile dysfunction:


If you've ever had cancer and been treated with chemotherapy, it's possible that you'll have erectile dysfunction as a result. If you're on beta-blockers for heart problems or anti-depressants for anxiety or depression, these are all typical reasons of lowered sex desire, which can make it difficult to develop and keep an erection.


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