How to Incorporate Your Family Into Your Workout Schedule
How to Incorporate Your Family Into Your Workout Schedule
As a parent, it isn’t always easy to make time for your workout schedule. Luckily, there are creative solutions that can help you meet your fitness goals without needing to call the babysitter or lose out on time with the family. You can strap on your favorite gym shoes and get the kids involved as you stay active during chores and family gatherings.

As a parent, you know the challenges that come with maintaining a consistent workout schedule. It’s not always easy to get to the gym when you have to pick up the kids after work or make it to their next play date. Luckily, there are ways that you can strengthen both your body and your connection with your family. Throw on your workout clothes for women or men and get after it with these four tips.

Take Everyone Outside

Going outside is a quick way to get the family involved in your fitness routine. Whether you’re at the park or the jungle gym, start saying yes to all of the games your kids want to play. That means less screen time and more playtime, which is a fun way to get in your cardio while bonding with your loved ones. Be sure that you and your significant other invest in high-quality workout clothes for men and women that keep you cool and comfortable while testing your flexibility and speed out on the playground. You can also make yard work and gardening a part of your outdoor regimen. Since many common tasks involve different muscles, it can turn into quite the workout if you focus on your form or add resistance.

Gamify Your Household

If you can’t head outdoors, consider finding ways to make your home a haven for exercise. Using treadmills and rowing machines are obvious solutions, but you can turn up the burn with bodyweight alone too. Take your approach further by gamifying your workout routine and everyday tasks. For example, you can make chores a race or you and the family can dance along to your favorite playlist. For the next movie night, try a quick HIIT routine during commercials or intermissions and get your body moving. Another fun idea is playing an ongoing game with your kids. Have them hide a selected item and each time you stumble upon it throughout the day, do a circuit of stairs or a set of jumping jacks.

Add a Walk or Activity After Dinner

After dinner is the perfect time to cap off the day with a little bit of movement. Try scheduling playtime with the family or walking outside after dinner to keep the family active. Take the chance to catch up about the day and you won’t even realize how much energy you’re using. Make your fitness goals an opportunity to connect with family as you increase stamina and conversation in a daily routine that works within everyone’s schedules.

Plan Monthly Workouts

Who doesn’t love a planned challenge? Every month, come up with something new your family can do together. Add relay races and obstacle courses to birthday parties and other family gatherings or you can sign everyone up for a charity walk. It doesn’t stop there either, as you can invite friends and other family members to share ideas. With all of these tips put into practice, you can find new, fun ways to make your days more active while also creating new memories with your loved ones.

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