How The Right Footwear Can Impact Your Fitness Goals
How The Right Footwear Can Impact Your Fitness Goals
Exercising can help support your body and you likely have big goals to accomplish this year. The right footwear can benefit your routine in many ways. Start by learning the difference between weightlifting shoes, running shoes and walking shoes and how they can support you. Here’s what you need to know about each and how they can impact your workout routine.

Your feet are the foundation of your body’s movement—literally. Making sure your feet are adequately supported and protected is the number one way to keep your workouts running smoothly. Different exercises and routines call for different types of footwear. While running shoes are perfect for marathons, they aren’t the best for deadlifting. That’s because your footwear can help propel, support and protect you. Here are a few of the ways proper footwear can impact your fitness goals.

Strength Training and Lifting

Stability is your top priority when lifting heavy weights. The best weightlifting shoes are flat and rarely feature the same shock-absorbing qualities as running shoes do. That’s because the extra cushion built in for shock absorption can throw off your balance and potentially lead to injury. You want your feet to feel firmly planted on the ground while strength training.

The best weightlifting shoes will have a stiff block in the heel that won’t compress and provide a little bit of extra leverage. Look for lifting shoes with a mid-foot strap for added stability if your regular routine includes big movements like squats and deadlifts. Keep in mind, if your workouts feature a little more agility work, you might want a pair of cross training shoes. The best ones provide stability while remaining flexible and light for exercises like box jumps and sprints.

Cardio and Running

Unlike weightlifting shoes, you want a fair amount of cushion in your running shoes. Pounding the pavement or treadmill belt is anything but low impact, which is why you want your running shoes to take the brunt of the load. Picking the right running shoes also means understanding the way your foot falls.

For example, people with a high arch in their foot often have less shock absorption in their natural foot and need running shoes with additional cushion and support. Conversely, people with flatter feet often needed running shoes with added motion control. Look for a pair that best suits your natural foot shape with flexible, durable materials to help you keep pace with your goals.

Trail Running and Walking

Trail running is a great way to challenge your body and explore the outdoors. Walking is a great low-impact way to get your steps in and burn some calories too. Both activities require specific shoes to help you get the most out of your time out on the trails or the local greenbelt. For trail running, look for shoes built like running shoes with additional traction to help you conquer the terrain.

Finding the best walking shoes is similar to finding the right running shoes—you want to make sure you’re doubling down on cushion and support. This added cushion will make walking feel like a breeze even when you’re covering miles. Look for a pair with added cushioning technology to help propel you from one step to the next.

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