How Google Fit & HealthKit Lead To Fitness App Development?
How Google Fit & HealthKit Lead To Fitness App Development?
The fitness app development industry has been expanding exponentially since the beginning of this decade.

Apple and Google have taken fitness to the next level with their respective fitness apps. The market is booming, and the flood of new applications is enormous. Developers are in demand but well-prepared to create apps ready to be featured on the app store.

Not so much.

In this blog, let’s discuss the potential of Google Fit and Apple HealthKit, and what fitness app developers need to know to create an app successfully.

Google Fit Boosts Fitness App Development

Google Fit for fitness app development is starting to take the fitness world by storm with its robust integration and lets you transfer your workout data from other apps to Google Fit. Fitness app developers now have a platform that not only can store all of their health data for them but also give them multiple ways to use this data and tools for analysis.

This new development in the app world has led to an increase in the number of people embracing Google Fit. The number one reason for the rise in fitness app development is the integration with Google Fit.

It's not just fitness apps that are getting onto this train. Google Fit is now a popular platform for developers to create smartwatch apps and wearable devices. Xiaomi has their Mi Fit wearable device that uses Google Fit to track users' daily steps and sleep patterns while staying connected to the user's Mi Account to help them monitor their health over time.

Another compelling use case of Google Fit is with home automation systems like Nest, which stores information on air quality, temperature, and even humidity in your Nest.

HealthKit by Apple - New Opportunities for Fitness App Developers

With the launch of HealthKit by Apple, many new opportunities have been made available for fitness app developers. It has helped make life easier for fitness app developers by providing them with many necessary tools. Several companies have started implementing this into their fitness app development company and are focusing on creating great new apps that use HealthKit to its full potential.

Some fitness app developers are working closely with medical experts and large health institutions to design a new generation of health management apps to help people manage their health more effectively. For example, all the information previously collected by each fitness tracking app must now be provided by various apps together. It means that users have to install multiple apps to get their complete health data. However, with HealthKit on board, developers can easily create comprehensive health record apps.

HealthKit allows developers to collect data from a wide range of fitness tracking apps. It includes popular ones like Fitbit, HealthKit, and Nike+. It also consists of the user's health issues like pulse rate and blood pressure. In the past, most health apps have been limited in how they can connect to other apps. However, with HealthKit on board, apps can now connect with other apps and provide users with much more comprehensive data.

However, this is not all that Apple has done for fitness app developers in recent years. The launch of HealthKit has been accompanied by other significant changes that have made it possible for many fitness app developers to work together effortlessly. As a result, many new fitness app development companies have come up with impressive apps that genuinely help users achieve their health goals.

How Can Google Fit and HealthKit Help You Create High-Quality Fitness Apps?

There are many reasons why Google Fit and HealthKit lead to fitness app development.

  • First, both platforms offer a wealth of data that one can use to develop targeted fitness apps. This data can be used to create apps that help people track their fitness goals, monitor their progress, and find new ways to improve their health and fitness.

  •  Additionally, both Google Fit and HealthKit provide fitness app developers with the tools they need to create high-quality fitness app solutions. It includes access to powerful APIs, developer resources, and support from Google and Apple.

  • Finally, fitness apps are becoming increasingly popular as people look for new ways to improve their health and well-being. This demand strongly incentivizes developers to create innovative and successful fitness apps.

How Google Fit and Apple HealthKit Will Impact the World of Fitness App Development?

The introduction of fitness apps has given birth to a new business model for fitness app development. It has made it way easier for developers to create fitness apps. People can perform everyday tasks and track their activities in these apps. Google Fit and Apple HealthKit have opened the market for many fitness app developers around the globe.

As an app developer, the opportunities are endless with these two technologies combined. They have opened up many possibilities for those who wish to create new applications using Google Fit and Apple HealthKit APIs.

The business model for fitness app development is undoubtedly here to stay and will continue to grow as the market only expands. New launches appear daily, which creates more competition.

We place our faith in Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to enable a defined format and storage method for health data, allowing developers to create apps and gadgets where people can share health data.

These goals are likely to be achieved through initiatives like the recently announced HealthKit and Google Fit. This will certainly give users a sense of accountability to ensure their health data is recorded, stored, and transmitted accurately. Both these apps are great resources for fitness app development.

Google Fit facilitates this by acting as a key storage device for most health data - a PIM (Personal Information Manager) where developers can also use third-party APIs for other functions like, e.g. gym management.

While the Apple HealthKit provides a unified storage mechanism to allow users access to their health dashboard, it has a built-in SDK that allows fitness app developers to create extensions for the dashboard.

This addition will help apps solve, e.g., grocery lists and other issues where users cannot physically fit into a gym but still like and need to track their progress on exercise, calorie, or sleep management.

These are significant challenges, and this is why we see several start-ups making headway in the fitness category.

The fitness app industry has been booming in recent years and is one of the most popular categories on Android and iOS platforms, with a lot of room for improvement.

With Google Fit launching recently, we can expect more improvements as developers (including us!) will be able to use it.

In addition, there are already significant innovations in creating affordable and portable wearable tech devices such as Jawbone UP, Fitbit Flex, and the upcoming Apple Watch.

Exercise apps in the category are also one of the iOS' most popular free apps, and with the upcoming Apple Watch release, it will be interesting to see how this space will evolve.

So we decided to ask the experts in this field their thoughts on how Google Fit and HealthKit would impact the world of fitness app development.

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