A Halloween-Themed Workout for You and Your Kids
A Halloween-Themed Workout for You and Your Kids
Are you looking for a way to get your kids excited about exercising? Help them get started with a Halloween-themed exercise routine. From Vampire Sit-Ups to Scary Bear Crawls and the Mummy March in Place, you can have fun and get a good workout with them, whether you are in health clubs with gyms in Palmdale or working up a sweat at home.

Whether you are heading into one of the best gyms in Palmdale or trying to get some exercise done at home with your kids, try a fun Halloween-themed workout in time for spooky season. Here are some exercises that you can do with your kids to embrace the season while breaking a sweat and having a bit of fun.

Mummy March in Place (High Knees)

The first exercise is the Mummy March in Place. It’s fairly simple for kids to do high knees with their arms outstretched like mummies. Standing in place, bring one knee up as far as you can, and then switch knees, similar to running in place. You can start out slow like a mummy and go faster. The mummy has to chase someone, after all.

Freaky Froggy Hops (Burpees)

Chances are good that if you walk into any of the best health clubs with gyms in Stockton, you are bound to find someone doing burpees. They work essentially every part of the body while turning up the burn. For kids, you can make them into Freaky Froggy Hops. When they hop up, they can make a ribbit sound for effect.

Scary Bear Crawl (Bear Crawl)

Another exercise that can work your entire body is the bear crawl. Start in the push-up position with your hands beneath your shoulders. Your feet should be hip-distance apart with your heels off the ground. Move forward, using your right hand and left leg in a crawling motion. Switch sides and continue crawling without letting your knees touch the ground. Add in bear growls or stop for a few playful paw swipes to add more fun to this exercise.

Silly Star Jumps (Jumping Jacks)

For a more light-hearted exercise, your kids can act like they are shining stars by doing jumping jacks. You might want to have them stagger some jumps so they look like stars rather than doing a full jumping jack every time. If you want to add extra movement, have them run around like a shooting star before doing another set of jumping jacks.

Vampire Sit-Ups (Crunches)

Vampires have to be in shape, too, and sit-ups or crunches are the perfect way to start. Your kids can make vampire sounds each time they do a sit-up. If someone is holding their feet down to help them, they can encourage them. How are they going to beat Van Helsing if they aren’t ready to do crunches?

Pirate Plank to Push-Up (Elbows to Hands Plank)

Arrrr, time to walk the plank! Or have your kids do a plank to push-up instead. This may be a challenging exercise for youngsters, but tell them to keep trying. Start on all fours in a forearm plank with elbows on the mat. Engaging your core and keeping your hips as still as possible, push up onto one hand, placing it where your elbow was. Do the same with your other hand. You should be at the top of a push-up position.

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