6 Underrated Muscles to Target in Your Lifting Routine
6 Underrated Muscles to Target in Your Lifting Routine
Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’re a health club regular, you likely want to be more well-rounded. It’s all too easy to focus on the “mirror muscles” or your chest, arms, and quads. However, there are six underrated muscles you should target in your fitness routine. Head to one of the best Concord gyms and target these six.

Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or already a health club regular, it can be all too easy to focus on certain muscle groups while ignoring others. If you’re like most, you probably target your chest, quads, glutes, and arms since they’re what look the best in the mirror. However, there are a few underrated muscles that can help you feel stronger, make more progress, and be more well-rounded. Check out this list of six essential muscles to exercise.


You might not think about your hamstrings much, but strengthening these muscles is critical to your overall well-being. When your hamstrings are strong, they help protect against injuries and are a vital part of your mobility. Your back, hips, and knees will function properly as long as your hamstrings are in shape. Whether you choose an exercise like the hamstring curls or the Romanian deadlift, keep your hamstrings at the top of your mind when visiting one of the best gyms in Stockton.


Among the largest muscles in your back, your lats are mainly used for things like pull-ups and swimming, but they also help straighten the spine and move your shoulders. Common lat-targeted exercises include a variety of rows, pullovers, and pull-ups. Exercise your lats at one of the finest Concord gyms for a superior experience.


Whether you realize it or not, your calves are crucial because they move you forward as you walk or run and absorb impact. Your calves also support your lower body. Calf raises are fantastic for stabilizing your ankles and feet, preventing injury, and enhancing your speed. You can complete these workouts at any of the best gyms in Palmdale, Merced, or Visalia.


The adductors comprise a muscle group on your inner thighs that primarily bring your legs toward the center of your body, providing stability for leg movements. They also facilitate hip joint mobility, a crucial part of preventing injury. Consider squats, box jumps, deadlifts, or standing banded adduction exercises to train your adductors. If your local health club features a hip adductor machine, even better!


The muscles in your forearms are critical not only for forearm-specific movements but also because they impact your grip. With strong forearms, you can hold more weight on the barbell, helping you achieve your next PR. Various curls, rows, and pullups are ideal for strengthening your forearms; whether you use machines or free weights is up to you. You can also try using a grip trainer in your free time.

Rotator Cuff

Shoulder injuries can be extremely painful and, depending on the severity, can limit what you can do in the gym or everyday life. That’s why it’s crucial to condition your rotator cuff to maintain shoulder joint stability. Start by increasing your range of motion through stretching, followed by isolated shoulder strengthening exercises. This is another situation where your elastic bands can take center stage.

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