5 Causes of Workout Plateaus and How to Fix It
5 Causes of Workout Plateaus and How to Fix It
If you feel like you’re hitting a plateau in your workout regimen, then it might be time to make a change. You might need better equipment or footwear like basketball shoes or maybe the goals you’re setting are too difficult to reach or track. Get ready to slow down and determine where you can help yourself get back to making the progress you want in your training.

Many have experienced plateaus at some point. You work out consistently, but it feels like your progress has come to a halt. In these moments, you might need to make a change to your strategy so you can get back to regularly meeting your fitness goals. Let’s look at the five most common causes of plateaus, along with some helpful tips. From adjusting your fitness goals to feeling confident in a new pair of track pants, these should help you start making progress again.

You Are Looking for a Quick Fix

You may be feeling stagnant if you are looking for a fast solution that doesn’t involve making significant lifestyle changes. As you probably know, there aren’t any shortcuts to reaching meaningful fitness goals, but you might need a reminder. Take a look at your nutrition, workout schedule and expectations and look for the harder, more sustainable option. With a little bit of time and discipline, you should notice a difference in your approach and success.

You Don’t Have the Right Strategy, Footwear or Equipment

You might be missing a few steps or pieces in your routine. Simple things like warming up or taking a recovery day can help support your body and keep you at your best. Maybe you need to add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts to vary your routine or handgrips and a weightlifting belt to help you lift more. Be sure that you have the proper attire, such as high-quality women’s or men's basketball shoes, if you’re at the court for optimal support that can minimize your chance of injuries and help you practice harder. With the right tools, you can better approach every workout.

You Need to Diversify Your Routine or Attire

Is your routine feeling stale? Sometimes all you need to do is make a simple change to your regimen to better engage your body and mind. For example, instead of lifting weights every day, consider skipping the gym and go for a swim or run. Or, add a new playlist or podcast to reinvigorate your excitement at the gym. Even a new pair of track pants can better support your performance and confidence at the gym. Look for the small changes that can lead to substantial results.

You Aren’t Setting Good Goals

It’s possible that how you’re measuring progress is hindering your ability to see any. If your goals are challenging to meet or difficult to track, you may find yourself never achieving them. If you don’t accomplish your extraordinary goals, you won’t feel as engaged or as excited. Consider reassessing your current fitness goals. While they shouldn’t be too easy, set them within reach to help you maintain both momentum and enthusiasm throughout your regimen.

You’re Too Hard on Yourself

If you tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself, you’re not taking a fair look at your progress and seeing how much you’ve accomplished. Be honest with yourself and avoid comparing yourself to others. Many factors, including genetics, hormones, fitness history and sleep, can impact your body composition and we’re all built differently. Show yourself grace and take note of the progress you have made as you continue your exercise evolution.

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