4 Workouts to Try When You’re Looking for Something Different
4 Workouts to Try When You’re Looking for Something Different
Is your regular fitness routine leading you to feel a little burnt out? Sometimes even the most devoted gym enthusiast needs a break from their everyday workouts. Trying workouts at one of the premier gyms in Napa can take you out of your comfort zone, opening the door to new exercises that work different muscle groups and getting you out of fitness slumps.

Working out is a great way to promote physical fitness and help you feel good in your body. A dedicated fitness regimen is ideal, but sometimes even the most devoted gym enthusiast gets a little burnt out with their everyday workouts. That’s why it can be a good idea to switch up your fitness routine and try something new.

Finding workouts to take you out of your comfort zone can open the door to new exercises that work different muscle groups. It’s also a creative way to eliminate any little fitness slumps that have you dragging your feet. If you’re wondering what kinds of workouts could spark some excitement, the following options can help you get pumped about your next workout.

Aqua Zumba®

Want to dip your toes into a fresh fitness pool? You can combine the fun of Zumba® with the low-impact movements of a swim class when you sign up for an Aqua Zumba® class. Choose El Dorado Hills gyms with pools that offer fast-paced Aqua Zumba® classes for anyone who wants to make their workout challenging with water resistance. It’s a class for all levels, so feel free to dive right in!

Turf Training

Sometimes, the only switch you need is where you put your feet. A synthetic turf training session at one of the premium gyms in Napa can provide the change of scenery you need to become reinspired with your workout. You can do tons of exercises and routines in the turf area, from strength training to HIIT workouts.


If an essential part of your workout is your environment, it’s time to try a studio fitness class. The other people in the class are friendly, the instructor is helpful, and the class is challenging. Les Mills BODYPUMP® is a studio fitness class offered at the best gyms in Turlock. It’s a full-body workout with fun music, and it works your muscles with squats, curls, deadlifts, and other exercises, making it a fantastic alternative to your everyday fitness routine.


Instead of a class or a weight lifting routine, you could try a sport like pickleball. Pickleball is fun, and it’s also a workout. There are several different strategies and different ways to play the game with or without a partner. Some health clubs may even offer classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

When you try new workouts, you give yourself a chance to work different muscles, learn new exercises, and meet other people who work out at your health club. You might even return to your old workout with a renewed sense of purpose, which is excellent news for your fitness regimen. So, maybe it’s time to check out the studio fitness classes available at one of your favorite gyms in Turlock, Napa, Brentwood, or the city where you live. You’ll never know how a different exercise will benefit your routine until you try it.

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