4 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Change Your Gym Routine
4 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Change Your Gym Routine
Keeping the same training routine for too long can mean a plateau. But how long is too long? When do you know it’s time to pack your gym duffle bag for a new training routine? From simply getting bored to wanting to try a new technique or routine that caught your attention, knowing the signs that it’s time to change things up is critical to improving yourself.

Variety may be the spice of life, but consistency is critical in the weight room. This is the core of your programming or training routine. This helps keep you on track to achieve your goals. However, without change, you can plateau, meaning all good routines have to come to an end. Grab your gym duffle bag, as you might need different accessories for a new routine. Here are some ways to tell it’s time to move on to a new training routine.

You Have Changing Goals

There are going to be changes throughout your lifting career. You might have different physique goals. Change isn’t bad; it’s just different. The important part is that you recognize that your goals can and should change and that your routine should change to match. That might mean trying out different machines at the gym that work other muscles, choosing to up your game and enter a competition, or get involved in a new sport. Maybe you want to build strength instead of cutting body fat, which necessitates a new training regimen. When you build a new regimen, you may need new tools. You might find the perfect gym gloves for getting the best grip, leaving your old gloves behind. You might want new gym clothes to better fit your new routine, too.

You Are Tired of the Same Routine

You could also just get tired of doing the same routine. Workout routines can start to hold you back, and you might want to change it up for a bit. Your routine has gotten monotonous, you are listening to the same hype playlist, and now you have hit a metaphorical training brick wall. If the thought of putting on your gym clothes and getting an intense training session in doesn’t fill you with joy, you might have hit a plateau. Or your routine might just be boring now. Both are great reasons to switch it up. After all, getting your gym clothes ready should ignite a fire in you and get you ready to be unrelenting and unstoppable at the gym. Swap one lift for another to keep things interesting, or up intensity with higher reps or more compound movements to push yourself.

You Are Curious About Other Training Regimens

Sometimes it’s simple curiosity that causes a change in routine. Maybe it’s an interesting new take on a Push Pull Legs workout split that catches your attention. It could be a desire to try a new machine or adding a movement to your regimen. Try it out and see if it’s something you want to incorporate into your training routine.

Too Much Time Has Passed Since You Switched It Up

Generally, you want to switch up at least some part of your routine every six to eight weeks, which allows time for appropriate physiological changes. If you are still getting measurable results, you can stick with the routine for longer, but change it up if you are starting to plateau.

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