4 Tips to Move Past a Training Plateau
4 Tips to Move Past a Training Plateau
In every bodybuilder’s career, you are likely to hit a plateau and stop seeing results. It’s enough to make you throw your gym wear in your duffle bag and leave in defeat. With the right tips, however, you can push through the plateau and get results. From changing up your routine to looking at your life outside the gym, it’s time to push past the plateau.

There comes a point in every bodybuilder’s training where they hit a plateau. You might go for a lift that you should, in theory, be able to hit compared to previous numbers. Then gravity reminds you that your muscles just aren’t there yet, from the bar moving too slowly off your chest to the deadlift that you just can’t lockout. It’s a disappointing feeling that might make you want to throw your clothes in your gym duffle bag and head out, defeated, but there’s always your next gym trip. If the next time results in the same thing, you might have hit your plateau. Whether it’s your first or just the most recent plateau, know that there are ways through. Here are a few tips to help.

Take a Minute to Reassess

While you may be set in your ways, it’s a good idea to take a minute to step back and reassess your training regimen. Consistency is key and can mean results. On the other hand, neglecting certain aspects of your training can show in your strength and size. If you are hitting a squat plateau, for example, it may not be your legs responsible. Instead, look to the stabilizer muscles running through your core. It might be something you are missing but can aim to improve. Even getting into new gear, like sleek black camo leggings can be something that will give you the confidence to push through. The right fit and the right look can change how you feel about working out, so don’t underestimate the effect of your gym clothes. Reassess and address your problems.

Look Outside the Gym

You might be leaving the gym after an intense training session drenched in sweat yet still hitting a plateau. You need to also focus on areas outside of the gym with the same intensity. Your body needs a recovery period, but you could be doing damage if you cut it short. Your diet is also another essential factor. Heading to bed on time can greatly affect your energy levels, while too many cheat meals will hurt your progress, pulling you back. It might hurt to admit it, but your results don’t lie. Give it your all both inside and outside the gym.

Change Your Routine

You might need to change up your routine. While consistency is very important in bodybuilding, variety is the spice of life. It might be a different way to do a lift or a new technique you’ve been curious about trying, but mixing things up can be a good thing and help you get past a plateau. This is especially true if you have been doing the same training routine for months, as you are only targeting the exact same muscles every time.

Be Relentless and Keep Pushing

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting on the gym wear, getting in there, being relentless in the pursuit of your goals, and pushing through. There might be a pain, but you can overcome it and the plateau. You will undoubtedly meet a plateau in your bodybuilding life, but what matters is how you face it and react to it.

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