4 Things Bodybuilders Should Be Able to Do
4 Things Bodybuilders Should Be Able to Do
While there’s nothing wrong with bodybuilding for purely visual gains, it’s nice to be strong too. It’s about pushing yourself to the limit and improving both physically and mentally. How can you prove to yourself that you’ve improved? Here are four lifts that every bodybuilder should strive to be able to do while wearing their lifting clothes.

While there’s nothing wrong with bodybuilding to look good and get the physique of your dreams, what good are those muscles if you don’t put them to use? Bodybuilding is about more than looking good in your lifting clothes. It’s about pushing yourself to the limit and improving both physically and mentally. How do you know if you’ve improved or where you currently stand? There are a few strength benchmarks that all successful lifters should be able to do. Can you do these four?

Bench Press Your Bodyweight

The bench press is the gold standard lift that can be found in practically every routine. Not only is it an excellent way to improve your push strength and build up your arms and chest, but it can also serve as an all-important benchmark on your bodybuilding journey. A goal that every lifter should aim for is to be able to bench their body weight. If you can bench more than your body weight, great. However, if you’ve focused more on lighter weight and higher reps, it might be time to adjust your programming to include some low-rep, strength-developing sets.

Farmer’s Walk Your Bodyweight

When it comes to functional strength, it’s hard to beat a farmer’s walk. Lifting and carrying weight over a distance not only displays your strength but is useful in day-to-day situations as well. The farmer’s walk tests your legs, core, back, shoulders, forearms, and grip as you carry your bodyweight from point A to point B. Being able to farmer’s walk your body weight is a true test of practical bodybuilding strength. You can farmer’s walk with a trap bar, or if your gym has them, specialized farmer’s walk handles are the best way to load up the weight.

Deadlift Double Your Bodyweight

The deadlift: the classic exercise that is standard in most powerlifting programs. Being able to lift double your body weight is a good goal to aim for. Deadlifting is an athletic lift that not only helps you look good in your bodybuilding clothes but builds real strength that you can put to use in everyday life. Once you can deadlift twice your bodyweight, you’ll be in the top tier of lifters and have bragging rights over other lifters who have not yet mastered this Herculean movement. Not only does a deadlift show your strength, but it can improve your explosiveness and athletic abilities, which can translate to other exercises.

60-Second Bodyweight Squat and Hold

You’d be surprised how a bodyweight exercise can test your strength. A 60-second bodyweight squat tests everything from your lower body strength to your mental fortitude. Better yet? It can be done anywhere. You don’t have to be at the gym to test your strength. Squatting is one of the pillar lifts in every routine, and a squat and hold can help you discover how strong you are. Holding a parallel squat for 60 seconds is a surefire way to prove to yourself that your bodybuilding has a purpose and you are achieving your strength goals.

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