4 Strategies for Transitioning Back to the Gym as Summer Ends
4 Strategies for Transitioning Back to the Gym as Summer Ends
Summer is nearly over. Now that your schedule is calming down, you may be thinking about returning to one of the best gyms in Brentwood or other California areas. Should you dive back into your old routine? Not quite. The key is to start off easy and work your way from there. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get back into the swing of things.

The hot weather is slowly giving way to more comfortable temperatures outside. If the busy summer season kept you from your normal fitness routine, this is a great chance to get back into the swing of things and visit one of the best gyms in Brentwood or wherever you live. If you set achievable goals, you can find your rhythm again, and you’ll return to your regimen in no time. Follow these strategies to ease yourself back into fitness this fall.

Begin with Exercises You Enjoy

From beginners to advanced fitness fans, everyone has their favorite exercises. These might be the ones that help you feel like you’ve had a successful workout, either because they’re challenging or because they move your body in your favorite ways. The goal here is to ease into your workout, so start with smaller goals, completing reps of your favorite exercises. The better you feel about yourself in the gym and the more fun you have, the easier it will be to get back into the habit of working out.

Start a Bit Slower at First

Maybe you used to work out four days per week, but lately, it’s been one or two. You’ll get back to your regular schedule soon, but take it easy to start when heading back to one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer. For example, instead of trying to hit a PR in the weight room your first week back, maybe aim for a weight that’s 15 to 20% lower than what you previously lifted.

If you love running, make your cardio routine briefer and run shorter distances. Give your body a chance to build back up to your previous speed and endurance without overextending yourself. Remember: You can always add more weight or more distance to your workouts; the key is to progress slowly. This way, you can stay fresh, avoid injury, and make incremental progress in the first few weeks.

Try a Studio Fitness Class

Having people with you can help motivate you to get back into your fitness routine. If your local club offers them, join a studio fitness class so you can break a sweat and have fun with fellow club members. You might be able to find everything from cycling to HIIT and even yoga. Yoga, in particular, is a great option to help ease you back into the swing of things.

A yoga class can help you increase your mobility and can be a fun yet challenging workout. It’s perfect for helping you transition back into working out more. Whether you are looking for one of the best gyms in Victorville, El Dorado Hills, or Palmdale, be sure to check which studio fitness classes are available.

Make the Most of Your Health Club’s Amenities

The best health clubs offer more than just free weights, treadmills, and space to work out. In fact, you should be able to try tons of amenities at your local club, such as massage chairs, a sauna or steam room, and even an indoor or outdoor pool. Having a fun and relaxing time at your local club can motivate you to keep coming back well into the winter months.

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