You can get 1-7 LE from every mission
You can get 1-7 LE from every mission
You will get them very cheap for the GTN when you watch

The most important item that you're walking from those are going to be Legendary Ember. You can get between one and seven of such. Very valuable, popular most of the time, you ought to just use them the market at gamereasy. The sheer price value is determined by the server, around the players which are willing to flip it, and those that want to use it. Classic Supply & Demand. Basics of your little thing referred to as the economy.

But you won't have to JUST gather those. For example. If the market industry twists itself inside a particular way, and Grade 11 Mission is less expensive than the average number of Legendary Embers you obtain from a single G11M - it is best to absolutely consider buying that mission from this market to gain profits with some risk. The quantity of risk that you will likely be taking is dependent upon the prices of both items. Let's take an unlikely scenario, certainly where an single G11M may be worth as much as 2 Legendary Embers. It puts that risk really low. You can get 1-7 LE from every mission, we have a very high chance that you will gain profits by purchasing Grade 11 Mission from the marketplace. In a scenario where G11M will probably be worth as much as 6 Legendary Embers - it isn't really worth the risk. You would be more satisfied selling Missions rather then doing them. Never practice it mindlessly simply by sticking to the guide, it diminishes the rewards. It's a big problem that deserves its section.

The proper way to level quickly is to try using a boost. These boosts can be obtained off the Cartel Market, or Galactic Trade Network (GTN). You can get Space Mission boosts to perform your space missions, a flashpoint boost to try and do your flashpoints, or perhaps a generic Major or Minor Experience boost for anything. While Major and Minor Experience Boosts could be a little expensive, one other boosts aren't. You will get them very cheap for the GTN when you watch. They are till the Cartel Market Item category, as well as the Consumables subsection. Minor boosts go on for an hour, and Major Boosts work for three hours.

You are only able to use one boost each time, so choose wisely. You may wish to keep a Major or Minor experience upon you while questing. A flashpoint experience boost can even be helpful in the event you need a change of pace from questing. You are able to use a minor boost to perform a flashpoint or two, or possibly a major boost in case you need a longer break. Boosts are ordered in the Cartel Market, and the GTN unter Cartel Market Items

Every method above seemingly legitimate and safe. They are offers from SWTOR, and never a alternative party. I will not advocate looking for free Cartel Coins from 3rd party sites, while they likely only want to steal your login info. I’ll update this site if I find alternative ideas to get free samples at this url.