Which is the Best Back office software for Mutual Fund distributors?
Which is the Best Back office software for Mutual Fund distributors?
The Best Back office software for Mutual Fund distributors

Which is the Best Back office software for Mutual Fund distributors?

In the mutual fund distribution business, distributors have piles of data of clients’ details, their goals and plans, historical transactions and data received from RTA thus management of all such data is not easy and creates stress in long run. In such condition, back office software works as a boon that is capable of collaborating and simulating data easily so the data handling process does not consume more time and allow MFD to concentrate on business development.

The best mutual fund software maintains back-office work and organizes data in systematic order to reduce the load of collecting data and offers necessary information whenever required with a click of a button. Wealth Elite is working for the last 15+ years in the fintech industry and providing solutions to mutual fund distributors by offering a personalized platform to enable them to serve excellent services to their clients.

Merits of Mutual Fund Software

  • Well-organized storage of abundant data
  • Goal setting, fund mapping and Goal tracking in one place under Goal GPS tab
  • Financial year-wise capital gain report
  • Auto updating of RTA received data
  • Handle clients’ portfolios of multi-asset classes
  • Web settings for personalized dashboard background and color

The distributor can collect the data for inactive clients who are not doing SIPs or additional investments and motivate them by contacting them within the stipulated time interval for further mutual funds purchase to grow the business. The data integrated system helps MFD in easy day-to-day working and empowers them to track the business performance and client portfolio management effectively.

Along with endow back office services, the online platform has Video KYC, Portfolio rebalancing, Research, and Portfolio analysis features that are capable of reducing time to support individual clients and assist them as needed. The structured way to present financial planning is convenient for formulating strategies for investors to reach the desired objective which is an added advantage of the wealth management software. For more information, visit