What Multiple Types of Solutions Mutual Fund Software Provides to Distributors?
What Multiple Types of Solutions Mutual Fund Software Provides to Distributors?
The Mutual Fund Software has the potential to handle all the tasks of the distributors that too at very less cost also the distributor doesn’t need to recruit an expert to perform the task.

What Multiple Types of Solutions Mutual Fund Software Provides to Distributors?

The mutual fund distributor has various tasks to complete in the business from finding the prospect to on boarding, placing the transaction, forming and sending reports, the responsibilities are extensive. While the distributor has limited potential and time to perform all these operations within a short time and also accuracy and attention are needed in each task because a single mistake can lead to negative results in the business. Appointing assistants for each task will prove costly for the distributors as the fixed cost will get associated with each month. In such a situation the distributor can freely depend upon the technology which will look after each task of the distributor with full accuracy without the effort of the distributor.

The Mutual Fund Software has the potential to handle all the tasks of the distributors that too at very less cost also the distributor doesn’t need to recruit an expert to perform the task. Technology is the biggest asset for the business in the present age through which one can easily conquer the industry and can serve the clients in the desired manner from the comfort of anywhere.

The functions which took long hours can now easily be done within seconds without any difficulty with the advanced features in the wealth management platform. The distributors can easily manage the complete business from any place across the globe. The clients also receive on time without a delay and anytime as per their convenience. Without the technical platform, it becomes hard for the distributors to serve clients in a nonstop form also the relation with the investors get affected.

Benefits of Mutual Fund Software

  • Constant services to all the clients of the business.
  • Reduces the operations and the expenses of the firm.
  • Fast registers new clients.
  • Serve any client across the globe.
  • Collect KYC digitally through Video KYC.
  • Presents reports in a few moments.
  • Assist in promoting a business on social platforms.
  • Handles the task of the business for the distributors.

Here are the multiple solutions that the distributors get on the platform

  • On boarding

The on boarding of the investors is smooth and rapid as the entire process can be easily done through the online platform without visiting any place. The distributors can register the new clients irrespective of the location of the investors. The platform facilitates on boarding of bulk clients at a time that minimizes the efforts and increases the efficiency of the distributors. Also, the investment can be started frequently without a delay.

  • Investment

The platform has the facility to place the transactions at a click from anywhere without any limitation. The tool has a separate cart facility for the individual investor which removes the situation of chaos for the distributors. The distributor can also schedule future orders which will execute automatically on the due date. With these multiple features, the distributors get ease in placing transactions for the investors.

  • Tracking

The tracking of the portfolio can be done through the platform as it facilitates the distributors in monitoring the performance of the investment. Also, the distributor can form relevant decisions when the performance of the portfolio is not in the desired manner. The feature helps distributors in keeping a constant eye on the investment of the clients through which satisfactory performance can be attained.

  • Planning

The platform assists distributors in preparing a strategy for the investment before investing the money in the market. Also, the distributors assess the risk of the clients which vary from investor to investor. The planning is done based on the risk-bearing potential of the clients through which the schemes are recommended. The efficient results are attained through the best planning done with the help of the platform.

  • Calculation

The platform has the feature to calculate the future results on the investment through multiple financial calculators which delivers the best results and assists the distributors in forming decision-related to invest. The distributors without the help of this feature find it complex to ascertain the results on the investment thus having the platform and the feature is essential.  

  • Verification

The verification of the investors can be completed online with the help of the Video KYC feature that includes a few steps which can be done easily from anywhere. This feature saves the time and cost of the distributors and the investors as well. The distributors can also ascertain the status of the KYC and can approach the clients to complete the process. The process is completely paperless and the clients have to submit the scanned documents.

  • Reports

The distributors can easily form the reports of the portfolio which shows the accurate position of the investment done. The reports are complex and require the attention of the distributors but with the help of the platform, the reports can be developed in a click. The distributors can also send the reports through the mail without any issue.

Looking at all the above features the Mutual Fund Software for Distributors is an essential platform that induces the work efficiency of the business and assists in accomplishing all the tasks of the business with accuracy. The distributors not adapting the latest platform are suffering in the industry for survival while those who had adapted are enjoying and serving the clients at ease. The tool assists in providing tough competition in the market and gaining the maximum portion of the market.

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