What is the best software for a mutual fund business?
What is the best software for a mutual fund business?
The acquisition of mutual fund software improves the working of an organization and helps ease its functioning.

What is the best software for a mutual fund business?

In the world of perfection, every investor wants to invest in mutual funds via a perfect investment plan that is capable enough to stay productive in the volatile market to earn optimum returns and create wealth in the long term. Even though an MFD is competent enough to plan an effective investment strategy lead generation, goal mapping, easy investment and withdrawal process, convenient portfolio analysis and performing effective research operations are a few necessities for a mutual fund business to grow.

The acquisition of mutual fund software improves the working of an organization and helps ease its functioning. The online platform provides the freedom to work anytime from any remote location without depending on a particular device as distributors, as well as investors, can do web login to continue their work from a single window.

Wealth Elite is the best software that fulfils mutual fund distributors’ requirement of having a platform consisting of the latest technologies and interactive user interface. The White labelled system enables MFDs to serve with their own business entity name and enhance the market presence to grow as a brand.

Key Features

  • Online KYC

Verification of clients’ documents is essential and it takes a long time to be completed but the online KYC process takes very less time and enables a client to execute it from anywhere after receiving the KYC link from MFD.

  • Multiple Reports

For the influential analysis of investors’ portfolios live MF portfolio, P&L valuation, capital gain, and transactions reports are available which provide accurate and updated data and helps in the decision making.

  • Portfolio re-balancing

In investing after a time interval, the asset proportion of equity and debt funds got changes due to dissimilar returns earned on it and the need for re-balancing arises. The software provides a one-click portfolio re-balancing feature.

  • Multiple assets management

Distributors can manage clients’ overall wealth like Insurance, FD/Bonds, Equity, postal, real estate and other investments along with actively managing mutual fund investments.

  • Transact Online

The online transactions allow investing in mutual fund schemes by using the bank account’s money directly and collecting withdrawal money in the bank account. Also, placing forthcoming transactions in advance enable the distributor to execute the investment/withdrawal process automatically in his absence.

  • Online ATM

It is like a wallet that avails instant redemption and invests clients’ money in liquid funds which generate returns more than a saving account.

  • Goal GPS

Goal setting and fund mapping for individual goals are possible from Goal GPS, it also provides a map of lifetime goals and respected details.

Investing in advanced technology to increase productivity is beneficial and highly recommended to grow the mutual fund business by concentrating on the crucial area. The software has reports sharing options via mail, WhatsApp or SMS with a click and shortcut options that are needed rapidly like event calendar, Online ATM, Video KYC, Live MF portfolio etc.

The combination of the best software and valuable skills of the distributor takes up the MF business to an extreme height by delivering the best mutual fund distribution services to clients that contribute to magnifying the AUM.