Top 5 Most Expensive Shares in India 2022
Top 5 Most Expensive Shares in India 2022
#5 Companies with Highest Share Price in India · 1. MRF (Rs.84,356) · 2. Page Industries (Rs. 49,820.20) · 3. Honeywell Automation . 4). 3M India. 5). Shree Cements

Thousands of companies are listed in the Indian stock market. There are over 2,012  companies listed on the NSE and 5,248, companies listed on the BSE, as of January 2022. Different shares of different companies can be brought and sold at different prices based on various factors such as their brand value, performance, and other different factors.


While most of the shares in the Indian Stock Market are available under Rs.1000 but there are some companies that are among the most expensive share in India. While most companies enjoy such high prices because of their Brand Name and Strong Fundamentals but it may not be the case every time.


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So let’s find out the Top Five Most Expensive Indian stocks in the Stock Market and understand why their prices are as high as they are:


1). MRF

MRF's full form is Madras Rubber Factory The share of MRF is the costliest share in India currently trading at Rs. 85,125 per share on BSE and Rs.84,356 on NSE as of September 6, 2022. When first listed in the market on April 27, 1993, the company’s share closed at Rs.11 per share.


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2). Page Industries

Page Industries is engaged in manufacturing garments and was incorporated in India in 1995 with an aim of bringing the innerwear brand Jockey to India. Currently, the company has two main brands Speedo and Jockey.   


 3). Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL)

Honeywell Automation India Limited was established in 1984 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of integrated automation products and software solutions which are extensively demanded products by various industries for ensuring the safety and smooth processing of homes and business premises.


4). 3M India

3M India is not a brand that you must have heard of that often because it is mostly the brand behind other brands. It is a subsidiary of 3M USA. It operates in four segments: Safety and Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer.


5). Shree Cements

Shree Cements is one of India’s Leading players in the cement industry. It is third after Ultratech cement and Ambuja in terms of market capitalization. The are three brands under Shree Cements namely: Shree Ultra Junk Rodhak


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