SME IPO by Hem Securities
SME IPO by Hem Securities
From expanding current business to unlocking the values of equity shares to generating great capital, the possibilities are endless. Explore SME IPO with Hem Securities, today!

In India, SME Exchange is at an evolution stage, but worldwide it already exists for many years. There are more than 24 countries in the World operating SME Exchanges

SME Exchanges were started with the intention of allowing commoners to participate in early stage investing.

SME IPO is considered as one of the effective and economical route to get the Company listed on Main Board.”

A Company listed on SME platform is eligible to be migrated to Main Board post completion of 2 years from the date of its listing on SME platform.

SME IPO by HEM Securities

SME IPO is different from the main board IPO in various parameters.

This is where companies like Hem Securities come in, we make the process simpler for the SMEs in terms of raising funds. Hem Securities Ltd. is one of the leading IPO and MF Distributors in India. We provide corporate advisory to large Indian Corporates and SMEs.

Our experience and expertise of over 4 decades, reveals that SME listing comes with tonnes of advantages. By listing on the exchanges the company not only receives additional funds for various growth activities but also helps in brand building, visibility, raises a company’s public profile among stakeholders, financial institutions, the media, etc.

It also facilitates strategic business association and tie-ups and generates new fund-raising options for future expansions. SME IPO is considered as one of the effective and economical routes to get the company listed on the main board.

Hem Securities Ltd. has filed more than 70 offer documents for IPOs, raised 60+ funds and our share in terms of companies listed in the SME market is a major 11%. In the year 2022, we pledge to grow ten folds and help more SMEs to come up with IPOs and indulge in the ever-growing legacy with our expertise.

“Launching an IPO for a company isn’t just a way of raising money, but it is also a proof that the company has met certain standards of high corporate governance, transparency in finances and responsible leadership” – Gaurav Jain, Director of Hem Securities Limited.

HEM Securities Limited has a rich experience of handling large quantum of business valuation for start-up, mid and large corporates, with a presence in over 200+ business locations and trust of over 1 lakh clients, we could enable your dream business to grow big. To grow with us, consult us TODAY!