A Quick Trip In Bangalore With A Cab Services
A Quick Trip In Bangalore With A Cab Services
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A Quick Trip In Bangalore With A Taxi Service


Table Of Content 

  • Introduction
  • Top Places to Visit in Bangalore
  • Conclusion



Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is also the third-largest city of India. Formerly, Bangalore was called as the Garden City of India, but with technological development, today, Bangalore can easily be described as the Silicon Valley of India. Thus, Bangalore can be termed as a perfectly blended city of modern technology and lush green parks. Apart from beautifully kept gardens, there are various lakes, eateries, cafes, pubs, and clubs in Bangalore for people of all age groups to have a gala of a time. Parks like Cubbon Park, which is spread over 300 acres of land, will tell you why Bangalore is called the Garden City, and the huge corporate offices in the newer areas of Bangalore will define the Silicon Valley of India. With taxi service in Bangalore with Chiku Cab, you can spend your valuable time going through the various spots of your interest in Bangalore and also to shop till your heart is filled. Chiku Cab’s taxi service is the best cab aggregator you will find in Bangalore, which provides the best cars with top-notch hygiene and safety. Also, the drivers provided are polite, knowledgeable, and well experienced in their art of driving. Hire a taxi with Chiku Cab now and enjoy a memorable ride in Bangalore as a tourist.


Top Places to Visit in Bangalore

There is a huge list of places which will interest you to give them a visit in Bangalore. Here are a few locations which we believe you should not miss out on your tour with Bangalore taxi service.

·         Lal Bagh

The Lal Bagh was built by the great leader Tipu Sultan somewhere around the year 1760. It is spread over 250 acres of land and is supposedly a home to more than 1850 species of plants. This garden is flocked by tourists from India as well as abroad not only to amaze themselves with Nature but also to witness the 3000 million years old rock. Apart from being a scientific study centre for the botany experts, Lal Bagh is also a nature photographer’s paradise. The Lal Bagh Garden is also the home to an aquarium and a lake and is said to have the greatest number of rare plants in a single place. Birds like Pond Heron, Common Egret, Parakeets, Myna, Purple Moor Hen, Brahminy Kites, and loads more have made this botanical park their home and explore with Cab services in bangalore.

·         Church Street

Located extremely near to the main city centre of Bangalore, the Church Street is named after Saint Mark Cathedral. The Church Street is the busiest 750 metres path you will ever find in Bangalore. Filled with small shacks of gift items, music stores, and book stores, you can window shop at your own pace and will on the Church Street. There are various cafes, restaurants, and even tattoo parlours where you find a lot of the young crowd of Bangalore having a good time. You can even spend a nice time appreciating street art on the Church Street with Taxi in bangalore.

·         Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park was built in the year 1971 and amasses a space of more than 100 sq km. Situated at a distance of 20 kilometres from the main city, this National Park is famous for its huge variety of flora and fauna. Bangalore Cabs and

India’s first-ever butterfly park, too, is inside the Bannerghatta National Park. Spots of keen interest in Bannerghatta National Park are the ten different forest reserves, zoo, aquarium, crocodile farm, snake park, and also has a fictional park dedicated to prehistoric animals. The famous wildlife jungle safari is another tourist attraction that you can’t miss at Bannerghatta National Park with Cabs in bangalore. It is also a place of work for wildlife photographers who love to click the photos of animals in their natural habitat.

·         Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace was built in the year 1878 and is an architectural marvel which stuns everyone who visits it. It is situated on a total land of 45,000 square feet and displays Tudor, Goth, and Scottish types of Architecture and Design. This Grand Palace is a visual attraction with carvings done on wood on the interior as well as the exterior parts of the Palace. To reach Bangalore Palace, one can book a cab service in Bangalore from Chiku Cab and reach comfortably here. To date, this Palace is also given on lease for rock shows, marriages, and other such events. The main hall of the Cab booking bangalore Palace is a sight to behold, with beautiful architecture and Raja Ravi Verma’s collection of paintings.

·         Cubbon Park

The most visited tourist spot in Bangalore is the Cubbon Park which amasses 300 acres of land that too in the heart of the city. The Government of Karnataka uses Cubbon Park to preserve the ecosystem here as it is the abode of more than 6000 trees. You can even enjoy a visit to the Cubbon Aquarium, which is the second biggest aquarium in our country. You can also pay a visit to Attara Kacheri, Sheshdhari Iyer National Garden, and the Museum of Cubbon Park. Cubbon Park was structured in the year 1870 and, as of today, is under the maintenance of the Department of Horticulture of the Union Government.

·         Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is inside the Bangalore Fort and is famous for its blended architecture of Indo-Islamic style. During the days of Tipu Sultan, this Palace was called as the Abode of Happiness / Rash e Jannat. With just a view of the Summer Palace, one can get a glimpse of the grandeur, luxury, and richness Tipu Sultan lived in. Built-in the year 1791, this Palace has a museum dedicated to Tipu Sultan, which can be visited by everyone explore with Outstation cabs in bangalore. 

·         Ulsoor Lake

Spread over 50 hectares of space, Ulsoor Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bangalore, built during the 2nd century. A lot of migratory birds make this lake their residence during different climatic conditions, and nature photography lovers are always on their toes to click pictures of these beautiful birds. To spend quality family time, one can go for a boat ride on the Ulsoor Lake.

·         Lumbini Gardens

Dedicated to Lord Gautam Buddha, the Lumbini Garden is built on the banks of the river Nagawara. It is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a quiet place to go to soothe your mind and relax. The greenery and aura in the Lumbini Garden are extremely positive and serene, which can be easily felt by all the people who have come. Many fitness freaks do come to this place for a walk or a jog which is of around one and a half kilometres. The boating club of Lumbini Gardens is pretty famous throughout Bangalore and is also considered to be the best weekend destination for the citizens of Outstation taxi in bangalore.


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