What makes MOBone different from others?
What makes MOBone different from others?
A species appropriate nutrition is a diet that is appropriate for a specific species. In order to thrive, an animal must eat a diet that its species has evolved to eat – a diet that its body is able to consume and digest effectively.

Is dog food all the same?

Different dog foods have different ingredients. There are substances fit for human consumption and those fit for animal feed, however, ingredients that have undergone a lot of processing shouldn't be given to our dogs.

Giving your dog the appropriate nutrients and a comprehensive, balanced diet doesn't have to be difficult. Learn about selecting the best dog food, feeding your dog regularly, handling treats and vitamins, and much more. You can get the best puppy food in Hyderabad.


What's good for your dog?


Most people are aware of fiber and how important it is to diets. The benefits of consuming more fiber in humans greatly impact how many people see their diets and the food they give their dogs. As a result, some pet food manufacturers began developing high-fiber dog diets by adopting a human nutritionist's viewpoint. Dogs' shorter digestive processes, meanwhile, and high-fiber meals can sometimes work together. Dogs who consume a lot of fiber may have trouble effectively absorbing nutrients and developing digestive problems. Dogs are carnivores, unlike humans, which means that meat provides them with higher nourishment than plants do.


What is MOBone?

An appropriate diet for dogs is MOBone. A diet suitable for a particular species is referred to as species-appropriate nutrition. An animal must consume food that its species has evolved to eat to thrive—a diet that is easy for its body to assimilate and digest.


  • It is impossible to follow a diet that comes the closest to the diet that dogs have evolved on.

  • made from minimally processed, minced, and frozen human-grade fresh raw meaty bones, meats, organs, vegetables, turmeric, and coconut oil.

  • Absent of artificial additions, vitamins, preservatives, and most significantly, carbs.

  • Not composed of cereals or carbs in any form, or leftovers from butcher shops or slaughterhouses.

  • Created by specialists in canine nutrition.

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Why MOBone?


We now realize that neither a sugarcane nor a deer can be fed to an elephant or a lion. So why do we feed our dogs such a high-carb diet?

Since their ancestors emerged from the waters, dogs have been consuming raw food, having evolved to do so. It makes sense that if you provide a diet that the canine's body can easily identify, digest, and absorb, there will be less overall systemic friction.

This perfect diet is practically practicable in cities thanks to MOBone. MOBone is ethically sourced, and the packaging is entirely green.

Our passion is for the well-being and health of pets. We oppose giving dogs human food from the table, but we do recommend a balanced, home-cooked diet. We made the decision not to add to the cycle of wastes that are suffocating the land and the oceans and cannot be eliminated. We avoid using excessive amounts of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, plastics, and other materials that harm our environment throughout the production and packaging of all of our products. 

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