How to know about the electromagnetic stirrer?
How to know about the electromagnetic stirrer?
EMS is a straightforward and potent method when it comes to controlling the solidification method during the constant casting of liquid steel. Additionally, the unremitting casting process's yield and productivity are said to be enhanced by the EMS.

How to know about the electromagnetic stirrer?

In contrast to conventional mechanical and decompression stirrers, the electromagnetic stirrer employs the linear motor principle and is a noncontact stirrer in which no part touches the molten steel. The continuous direct process uses an electromagnetic stirrer to boost harden production and enhance product quality. Stirrers can be classified as mold, strand, or final stirrers based on their position along the casting strand and metallurgical effects. Surface and subsurface quality, as well as internal and central soundness in the form of separation, porosity, and central break, is among the advantages that can be achieved by combining one or more EMS.


How to work?

Chemists and biologists who work in the lab frequently use magnetic stirrers. They are well-liked by researchers worldwide due to their portability, low cost, and ease of use. They can be used for many different things, but here are three everyday experiments you can do with them.

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