Muneer Lyati, Top Engineer & Award Winning Researcher in the Automotive Industry, Releases New Book
Muneer Lyati, Top Engineer & Award Winning Researcher in the Automotive Industry, Releases New Book
Titled Regular Car Maintenance, This Book Is Set To Be A Revolution In The Western Market For Its Amazing Ideas On Hybrid Cars.

JEDDAH (June 21th, 2021) - People come and people go. Many are forgotten, but some names are imprinted in the minds of people, and in modern times, in the minds of industry people for the sheer brilliance and immense contribution such individuals have made to the said industry. One such name is Muneer Lyati for the Automotive Industry 

Muneer Mujahed Lyati — Mechanical Engineer, Scientist, Innovator, Businessman, Influencer, and now Author — is all set to release his new book, Regular Car Maintenance. The latest penmanship of this genius of the world of  automobiles has already been released in the Arab market — the result of which we see in the growth of Arab Automotive Market by leaps and bounds. The Western Automotive world curiously awaits the release of the same with bated breath as this genius of a pioneer speaks all that is there about his favorite subject — Cars. 

Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Muneer Lyati studied in the famous Jeddah College of Technology, receiving his Mechanical Engineering degree with specialization in Automotive Engineering. Cars fascinated him. But he wasn't interested in owning the latest convertible or a four-wheeled powerhouse. "I have wanted to build smart cars, futuristic cars. What is the point of all this tech if your drive to work isn't eased?" 

Lyati has worked in multiple corporations in various capacities, including Saudi Bin Ladin Group as Senior Safety Supervisor. At present, he is a vocational trainer and an educator right where he earned his degree — Jeddah College of Technology. Along the way, he also won the prestigious Science Award from Technical and Vocational Training Corporation for his project on engines to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Over the course of years, he has written plenty on the wonderful and definitive uses of AI in the automotive industry that would revolutionize the field. His heavily cited and well researched paper on the application of Hybrid Bayesian Network in the manufacture of Hybrid Electric Vehicle is the base for today's efforts on building HEV's. 

"Muneer Lyati got his corporate training from Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum as a Maintenance Engineer. He is a man of many talents and a born leader. His upcoming book "Regular Car Maintenance" highlights much information on hybrid cars and electric vehicles, and ways of building them. He goes into a lot of detail that will interest any and every science and car enthusiast. The book is already a major hit in the Arab world. We are sure it will be equally well received in the Western market that is the hub of world's most innovative technology", said a spokesperson for Muneer Lyati. 

About Muneer Lyati:

Muneer Lyati is a Saudi Arabia based Mechanical Engineer with specialization in the automotive industry. He is also a Scientist, Innovator, Businessman, Influencer, Educator, Coach and an Author. He is the author of the book Regular Car Maintenance. 

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