How To Disable Automatic Startup On Spotify
How To Disable Automatic Startup On Spotify
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Spotify is a music streaming platform that lets you stream music right from your devices. This service offers a desktop app for Windows users as well. Unfortunately, a lot of Windows users are facing issues with the Spotify app. The Spotify app keeps starting itself on every startup of Windows.

This would have been normal behavior because a lot of apps nowadays comes with a setting that allows them to start at the start of Windows, and this option is turned on by default. But, in this case, users are noticing that the Spotify app always starts at the startup of Windows even if they have turned off the auto-start option from the app.

What causes the Spotify app to Open at Startup?

Spotify app settings: The first and the most common thing that causes this is the Spotify settings. A lot of the users aren’t even familiar with this option in the Spotify app and since it is turned on by default, a lot of users are seeing the app turn on by itself at every startup. And even if you want to turn the auto-start option off, this option is well-hidden so it makes it really hard for not-so-tech-savvy users to turn it off.

Windows Update: The latest Windows updates can also cause this issue. There is a feature in the Windows that reopens the applications that were open on the last shut down. So, even if your auto-start option is turned off, the Spotify app will start on the next startup if you had the Spotify app open at the shutdown time.

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Exclude Spotify From Your Mac’s Startup Items

Your Mac also tries to simplify your life by automatically launching programs for you whenever you turn it on. You can change this at any time by adding, removing, or delaying startup apps on your Mac.

If the first method we mentioned doesn’t work stop Spotify opening automatically, it may be added to your Mac’s Login Items. To change it:

  • Head to System Preferences > Users & Groups on your Mac.
  • Click the Login Items button.
  • Select Spotify, then click the Remove (–) icon at the bottom.

Prevent Spotify Starting Automatically

If you are addicted to Spotify, you may not find anything wrong with Spotify starting automatically, as soon as you are logged-in to the computer and being ready for your immediate use.

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However, if Spotify is not your go to App, it will remain open, unused and active in the background, using up resources on your computer. In such cases, it is better to prevent Spotify from starting automatically and having an adverse impact on the overall performance of your device.

  • Prevent Spotify from Starting Automatically Using Settings
  • On both Windows computers and MacBook, Spotify provides the option to disable Auto-Start in its Settings menu.
  • Open Spotify > click on your Account Icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu.
  • Open Spotify Settings On Computer
  • On the next screen, scroll down to “Startup and windows behavior” section and select the No option for Open Spotify Automatically after you log into the computer entry.

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