LATEST KET tickets and KET tests KET tickets for categories| manoket ket
LATEST KET tickets and KET tests KET tickets for categories| manoket ket
LATEST KET tickets and KET tests KET tickets for categories| manoket

The KETbilietai tests on the website  are intended not only for future drivers, but also for those who have lost the right to drive due to violations of the Road Traffic Rules and must re-take the Regitra driving test.  ket testaiThe tasks are also suitable for drivers who just want to test or update their knowledge of driving theory.  KET tickets are available in three different languages: KET tickets in Lithuanian, KET tickets in English and KET tickets in Russian. This facilitates the acquisition of knowledge by drivers who speak not only Lithuanian, but also English or Russian.

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frequently asked Questions

What are KET tickets or other ket tests? Ket tickets are a type of test with the help of which the Road Traffic Rules are learned by answering pre-prepared questions and thus the driving school and at the same time V.Į. Regitra theory exam. Four tickets consist of 30 or 35 questions of which 90-100% of the questions must be answered correctly.  WHAT does this abbreviation mean? This abbreviation consists of three words in the first letters of the Road Traffic Rules?  Why choose the KET Tickets tests offered by your site? The website offers KETtests since 2014 and we provide tickets according to the latest KETs. After each new amendment to the Road Traffic Law, changes are made to the questions so that the tests meet the highest requirements. As a result, the tests provided on our website are used by more than half of Lithuanian driving schools. There are hundreds of experienced driving instructors in driving schools who would not allow their students to study in unreliable sources where errors or incomplete information are provided. Therefore, if you are trusted by such a large number of driving schools and driving instructors you can be sure that you will receive the latest and most useful material for learning.

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