what is the method to take the coupon codes to the customers?
what is the method to take the coupon codes to the customers?
Almost any unique shipping cost calculation system can be described with universal shipping.

According to statistics, advertising coupons are equally used by both men and women. As for age, Best Discount Codes of KSA Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, such proposals are more interesting for people 18-25years old and 31-40 years old. Discounts are much less popular among teenagers and older customers. 

Form for adding a new delivery method

The system has the following preset calculated delivery classes (delivery types):

  • Fixed price means that the shipping cost is always the same. It can be used, for example, for courier delivery.
  • Pickup - delivery with zero cost. If your store allows pickup, AddThis shipping method.
  • Manually changeable price - the shipping cost is calculated by the manager after placing the order.
  • Universal - allows you to create a unique delivery calculation using a set of rules and formulas.

It is worth taking a closer look at Universal Shipping here, as it can be used to calculate many possible shipping types that are not listed above.

Configuring delivery visibility

You can use the Delivery Display Zones setting, as well as filters on the Additional DisplayConditions tab, to show different delivery methods in different situations.

Additional delivery display terms

Do not forget that you can create several delivery methods with the same calculated class, if necessary, but with different tariffs or any other parameters, and configure the display of some, for example, for light goods, and the display of others for heavy goods.

Thus, playing with the visibility of deliveries, you can actually offer the same deliveries, but with different parameters. Example: Delivery to Vladivostok by Post is not beneficial to you with the Airmail tariff, Best Voucher Codes of Sri Lanka Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, but is beneficial to the usual sending of parcels by land methods. 

Shipping taxes

If you organize your own delivery and this service is subject to VAT, you can configure this on the taxes tab. This tax will be highlighted on the order and invoice.

The taxes that are displayed on this tab must have been previously created in the Shop -> Taxes section.

One-stop delivery

Almost any unique shipping cost calculation system can be described with universal shipping.

To create a universal delivery, in the dialog for adding a new delivery, in the Calculatedclass field, select the Universal value.

The figure below shows an example of the rules for calculating the cost of delivery.

Setting up universal delivery

Setting up this type of delivery is reduced to adding the required number of rules for calculating the cost. Each rule consists of two parts: the conditions under which this rule is triggered, and a surcharge that is added to the shipping cost if the rule is triggered.

  • Zone - the zone for which this rule is applied. This means that this rule will be fulfilled only if the buyer places an order in a settlement belonging to the specified zone.
  • Condition - the condition under which this rule will be applied. It can take two values: Weight or Order Amount.
  • From - the beginning of the range of conditions for applying this rule(weight in grams or order amount).
  • To -the end of the range of conditions for applying this rule (weight in grams order amount).
  • Surcharge type - the value of this field determines what exactly will be added to the shipping cost when this rule is triggered: Fixed amount in the default currency, Percentage of the order value, or Percentage of delivery cost. It should be borne in mind that the Percentage of shipping cost value is meaningful only if this rule follows other rules that have already determined some shipping costs.
  • Value (formula) - this field contains a value (percentage or amount in default currency, depending on the value of the Surcharge type field ). The field can also contain a formula involving two variables $ W (order weight in grams) and $ S (order amount).

The added rules will be executed by the system, Best Coupon Codes of Bahrain Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, when calculating the delivery cost in the same order in which they are located in this list. The order in which the rules are executed can only matter if the list contains a rule with the markup type Percentage of shipping cost since the markup value of such a rule depends on the markup values ​​of the previous rules.

Thus, using combinations of several rules, almost any complex scheme for calculating the cost of delivery can be described.