Haval H6 HEV vs. MG HS PHEV
Haval H6 HEV vs. MG HS PHEV
To the delight of many, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) has unveiled the Haval H6 hybrid electric vehicle (HEV),

To the delight of many, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) has unveiled the Haval H6 hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), Pakistan's first locally produced hybrid SUV.

The H6 HEV competes with two hybrid SUVs that are fully built-up (CBU) imports, despite the fact that it currently lacks any domestically fabricated competitors. The MG HS plugin hybrid electric car is one of its competitors (PHEV).

Last year, MG made the HS PHEV debut in Pakistan. The business isn't presently taking orders for its hybrid SUV, but it will probably start accepting reservations if the price exceeds Rs. 10 million.

Is the H6 HEV a better investment than the HS PHEV in light of this? Let's align the two vehicles side by side to determine:


Haval H6 HEV

Despite the fact that the Gen-3 H6 is already a gorgeous SUV, the HEV version has a more eccentric appearance.

For a more aggressive appearance, the front fascia has a wider front grille and a revised bumper design. H6 HEV still has a wide stance and a boxy appearance. It sports an updated grille that merges in with the body, a sharper front bumper, and a long snout that increases its road presence. It also boasts contemporary twin projector headlights.

The door handles and side mirrors on the side profile are body color, and a single character line gives it a royal appearance. Over the 1.5T and 2.0T models, the blacked-out alloy rims and door sashes provide a small amount of aesthetic flare.

The front is brash and forceful, while the back is drab. The rear resembles the majority of crossover SUVs on Pakistani roads thanks to the tiny rear windscreen with a duck-tail spoiler and the taillight design. H6 HEV, while still a lovely SUV overall, lacks the controlled elegance of its competitor.

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We are already fairly accustomed to MG HS's appearance, and the PHEV model is no exception. This is a benefit because it is well known that HS is an attractive vehicle.

Elegant projector headlights with a distinctive DRL pattern and sequential indicators are featured on the front. It sports a perfectly proportioned front grille with a huge MG emblem in the center and chrome trim around it.

On the side, the SUV appears to be relatively standard. However, features like the 18-inch alloy wheels, the side-impact strips in chrome, the roof rails in brushed aluminum, and the chrome strips that encircle the A, B, and C pillars bring flamboyance to an otherwise understated appearance.

Smooth taillights, reflectors, a trim that resembles a scuff plate, and dual exhausts give the rear end a sporty appearance. In a sea of overly-styled SUVs, the HS PHEV's subtle elegance nonetheless stands out.



Haval H6 has a neat, yet cutting-edge interior. Everything on the center console and dash is either a flat panel, a screen, a dial, or a little button. High-end materials are used to cover the seats and other surfaces.

The front compartment of the car appears modern yet functional thanks to the sleek dash and current three-spoke steering arrangement. The H6 has enough room to comfortably fit five people and their stuff.


With stitched leather covering the seats, door panels, and dashboard, the interior of the HS PHEV appears quite upscale overall. At different locations around the cabin, brushed metal trim pieces are used to complement the leather trim. A panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting are additional amenities that enhance the visual appeal.

Even on longer trips, there is enough room in the cabin for four adult passengers to sit freely and pleasantly. Overall, the cabin of the HS PHEV is a pleasant place to be on any ride.

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