Why My Cash App Cash Out Pending?
Why My Cash App Cash Out Pending?
You may also see a Cash App cash out pending message if you've lost your Internet connection or your recipient's account is temporarily locked.

Using the Cash App is a convenient and reliable way to transfer money from one person to another. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve the problem. First and foremost, you must verify your account and the amount of money you intend to send. In addition, Cash App may flag your account for suspicious payments. The app can also prevent you from sending money to people outside the United States.


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You may get your money in minutes or hours if you're lucky. However, it could take days. It's also possible to resend a pending payment. However, use another payment method to avoid losing your money.


  • You may also see a Cash App cash out pending message if you've lost your Internet connection or your recipient's account is temporarily locked. 
  • In addition to the usual suspects, you can fix a Cash App payment pending message by updating your app. 
  • Also, check your mobile data before making a payment. You may need to contact your bank or other payment providers if you still have problems.
  • However, the Cash App might have other things to do with your money. You may need to verify your account, check the balance of your account, or update the app to get the most out of the service. You may also need to wait for an answer to a request.
  • The Cash App may be the best in the world, but it's also a hiccup. A slow Internet connection or a lack of balance in your account could cause a Cash App payment pending message. That's why you need to practice patience. You'll get there in the end.
  • The Cash App's website also has a pending payments page, which can help you determine if your problem is a technical issue with the app or a server problem with your bank. 
  • You can also send a tweet to the company or send an email. You might not get a reply immediately, but it's worth a shot. 
  • Ultimately, the pending payments page is the best place to start. The site also has an activity feed, showing you what you need to do to complete payment.
  • Finally, you can ask for a faster release of your funds. Although this option isn't for everyone, it's a good idea. In addition to contacting Cash App support, consider regular cash, as the app doesn't always release your money immediately.
  • Contact Cash App support if you're unsure what caused the message. The Cash App customer service is available through Twitter during business hours, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time.