learn how to do intraday trading with stockdaddy
learn how to do intraday trading with stockdaddy
StockDaddy guides you the best way to do intraday trading India, and helps you to buy best intraday stocks.

learn how to do intraday trading with stockdaddy

Intraday is a combination of two terms, where ‘Intra' means ‘within.' Intraday trading in India, then, refers to trading stocks and ETFs within one day during regular trading hours. The intraday process is considered the easiest process in which you have to buy or sell shares within the same day. While using intraday trading, there are two ways to perform this trading. Firstly, you buy shares when the price is low and then you sell them when the price is on the hike on the same day. Secondly, you can use the short-selling technique in intraday trading in which a trader borrows shares from the main source through brokerage and sells it at the current market price with the hope that prices will fall.  When the price of the stock drops, the short seller buys it and makes a profit.

If you are a beginner in the stock market, then it might be confusing for you when it comes to selecting the tools and accounts for intraday trading stocks in the right direction.

Let’s discuss some important factors that must be considered while starting Intraday Trading.


1). Choose the appropriate stocks after a proper

The significant key feature of intraday trading is to plan the best stock strategy and choose the best intraday stocks lists with proper research that secures capital and there is a minimum probability of loss. Beginners should begin trading a single stock and firstly, observe and analyse the characteristics, trends, and risks that can happen with your selected stock. When you gain enough knowledge about the fluctuating behaviour of stock price. You can gradually increase your trading level.

Select equities with a high average daily volume, or highly liquid stocks. Trade in stocks that have a fair connection with important indices and sectors, as well as in stocks that can be bought and sold in sufficient numbers without having a significant impact on prices. Avoid volatile equities, which have a tendency to fluctuate in an erratic manner.


2.  Don’t underestimate your target price

It is very important for beginners to achieve a profit whether it is small so they may not feel discouraged with their capacity to profit, and they may neglect to do the essential steps to get profit in day trading. To take advantage of the Stock Market's multiple chances, you must have a day trading strategy and that must be implemented in the right way. To take advantage of these opportunities, beginners must employ trading methods. Before you trade, set profit and stop-loss price goals to minimise your possible loss and avoid being overly greedy. Also, maintain a disciplined approach to trading. Stick to your day trading strategy instead, and don't expect to make a fortune on a single trade.


3.  Wrong timings can put you in trouble

Intraday Trading is completely dependent on its specific timings. For successful intraday trading, you must trade with the predominant intraday trend or you can also enhance your knowledge through intraday trading courses. It is mainly used because of low-risk entry and, if the trend is constantly running for a longer period of time, it implies more profits. Entry and stop-loss strategies can be found in such patterns. Intraday trading strategies require entry and exit signals, which indicate when to enter and quit a position. The exit position must be determined once the system creates an entry signal and the position is taken. You can exit if one of two conditions is met: either you've made your intended profit or you've reached your maximum loss. It is best to exit the trade once the desired profit has been attained. Profit and stop-loss targets must be established.



Intraday trading is one of the most simple and effective trading methods. There are no troublesome situations until or unless you know the best intraday trading strategies. Before trading, you must have a basic knowledge of volatile stock market behaviour. And once you know each intraday trading stocks indicator perfectly. You are ready to begin your trading journey.

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