Investment Calculator India
Investment Calculator India
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Investment Calculator India

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Investment calculator India

An investment calculator is a device that can be utilized to calculate a specific variable for an investment plan. It calculates the value that the borrower needs to invest repeatedly to achieve their goals.

Mathematical formula for investment calculator in India:                            


Where,   I = Compound Interest

               P = Principal

               n = no. of compound interest

                i = Nominal interest rate per period (in percentage)

Parameters include in investment calculator:

  • Principal amount – Principal amount is known as the initial or the starting amount and is likely to appear at the time of starting an investment. It should be a high amount saved for the purchase of gold, a home, or an inheritance. This amount can seem like the beginning of the investment.
  • Rate of Return – The Rate of Return is the parameter of an investment calculator that is significant the most to the shareholders.  
  • Length Investment – The range of investments is the other element that plays a crucial role in the investment calculator.
  • End point – An appropriate amount that an investor should require to end the process of the investment. Generally, more periods are included in the investments.
  • Further contribution – In financial terms, it is also called an annuity payment. Although, the investment cannot be made with this aspect.