Best chartered accountants in India
Best chartered accountants in India
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Chartered Accountants

Chartered accountants are an integral part of the business and finance industry. They provide financial advice to companies and organizations.

Chartered accountants are professionals in the business and finance industry who provide advice on financial matters to companies, organizations, and individuals. Chartered accountants have a wide range of responsibilities, including advising clients on tax law, accounting practices, bookkeeping, auditing procedures, risk management strategies, and more.

There are many different career paths for chartered accountants. Some chartered accountant work for large firms that offer accounting services to a large number of clients. Other chartered accountants work for small firms or independently as self-employed professionals.

The company secretary is the person who is responsible for keeping the company’s records and being a contact point for the outside world. The company secretary is responsible for monitoring the directors' decisions and ensuring that they are in compliance with legislation.

The responsibilities of a company secretary include:

-Monitoring director's decisions to ensure they are in compliance with legislation

-Keeping records of the company's activities

-Managing legal documents such as contracts, minutes and resolutions

-Handling incoming enquiries from shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.