BEP20 token development- All you need to know
BEP20 token development- All you need to know
BEP20 Tokens are the current trend in the blockchain space. It is the Token standard of the BNB Chain Network.

The BNB chain is the Open source platform that was launched by Binance in the year 2019. It is the popular Blockchain platform that runs parallel to the Binance chain. The primary focus is to facilitate quick and Decentralized transactions. The BNB chain can be used for several purposes like smart contract development, Crypto token development, and  Dapp development. Now, when it comes to crypto token creation BNB chain has multiple Token standards like BEP20 and BEP721.  Let us look deeply into the  BEP20 Tokens,

BEP20 is the technical token standard of the BNB chain network, which is similar to the ERC20 token of the Ethereum blockchain. It allows blockchain developers to develop various tokens flexibly on the BNB chain network or they can also peg tokens from another blockchain to make the crypto token work on the BNB chain, which is known as the Peggy coin. It is geared for fast trading due to its cross-chain compatibility and Architecture. The BNB Chain wallet can be used for Storing receiving and transferring tokens. Also, it holds many benefits with it. That's why there is a demand and many startups and entrepreneurs are preferring to create BEP20 Tokens for their businesses. The list of Top 10 BEP20 Tokens are listed below

Top 10 BNB Chain BEP20 Tokens





5. C.R.E.A.M

6. SXP



9. BUX


Why should you prefer BEP20 Tokens for your Business?

Here are some noteworthy reasons that you should know before creating BEP20 Tokens.

1. BEP20 Tokens are Popular, so by creating BEP20 Tokens you can easily enter into the crypto space and raise funds quickly without any issues.

2. The BNB chain offers the best experience to users, it assists them to achieve the best results in a short time.

3. It is compatible with both the Binance chain and Ethereum platforms.

4. BEP20 Tokens can be easily swapped with BEP2 Tokens.

5. BNB chain is recognized as a highly secured platform.

6. The BEP20 tokens take the transactions fast and smoothly in a secure manner.

7. Bulk tokens can be created in the minimum period with the finest results.

8. BEP20 tokens can be created easily at a low cost.

9. It is reliable with high transparency.

10. It supports Dapps, and Ethereum tools, and Creates a stacking mechanism for BNB.


How to create BEP20 Tokens?

There are two possible ways to create BEP20 Token for your business. The first is if you have strong programming knowledge Especially in solidity you can create your own BEP20 Tokens by yourself. Also,  based on your business requirements you should consider some important factors for token creation. The second one is, that you can hire the Top-rated BEP20 token development company in the crypto space.

Out of these two ways, Choosing the BEP20 token development company is the best choice to create BEP20 tokens as they will assist you to create BEP20 tokens with salient features at an affordable price.