All You Need to Know About Using Node.js For Back-end Development | What is Node js Used For?
All You Need to Know About Using Node.js For Back-end Development | What is Node js Used For?
The server side the back-end development of your product is arguably its most important part. Among all likely back-end development skills to select from, Node.js is one of the basics.

The server side the back-end development of your product is arguably itsmost important part. Among all likely back-end development skills to selectfrom, Node.js is one of the basics.

What is Node.js?

Node.jsis an application runtime situation that lets you write server-side requests inJavaScript. Thanks to its exclusive I/O model, it excels at the sort ofwalkable and real-time circumstances we are progressively difficult of ourservers.

Why is it significant to emerging your project inNode.js?

Firstof all, using Node.js as a backend for your server technology stretches yourteam a great boost that originates from using the same linguistic on togetherthe front end and the back-end development. This, income that your side is morewell-organized and cross-functional, which, in turn, leads to lower developmentprices.

TheAim of Node.js

Itsgoal is to offer a stress-free and safe way to shape high presentation andclimbable network applications in JavaScript. Those goals are achieved thanksto its architecture.

Node.js Highlights


Node.jsis an open-source agenda MIT certificate thatis maintained by a huge community. Its community is attractive much active havedonated to add new abilities to Node.js requests.

Simpleand Fast

SinceNode.js is constructed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Machine, its librariesare skilled in fast code implementation.


Withthe benefit of event looping, Node.js can track the single negotiated model.This lets a sole program to switch multiple requirements.


AllAPIs of Node.js collection is asynchronous, that is, non-blocking. It means aNode.js built server never delays for an API to return data.


Oneof the major functionalities of Node.js requests is that it never buffers anydata.


Node.jscan be simply built and organized on various stages like Windows, MAC, andLinux.

NPM (Node Package Manager)

NPMstands for Node Package Manager whichas the term proposes is a package manager for Node.js packages/modules. FromNode type 0.6.0. onwards, NPM hasbeen supplementary as defaulting in the node fixing. It protects you from thebother of installing npm openly.


CoreModules: Since Node.js is a very lightweight background,the core units bundle the complete minimum functionalities. These modulesusually get loaded when the Node progression starts its implementation

LocalModules: The local components of Node.js are custommodules that are formed locally by operator/developer in the application.

Third-PartyModules: You can use the outside or 3rd party modulesonly by copying them via NPM. These modules are usually developed by otherdesigners and are free to custom



We’vediscussed Node.js as backend from this concept to training, start with its goalsand drives, and finish with its sweet spots and drawbacks. When folks run intocomplications with Node, it nearly always boils down to the detail thatblocking processes are the basis of all evil 99% of Node come as directpurposes.



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