What Kind of Jewelry to Wear in Winter?
What Kind of Jewelry to Wear in Winter?
What Kind of Jewelry to Wear in Winter?

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear in Winter?

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear in Winter?

It's getting cool. Has everyone got their winter clothes ready? of course, in addition to clothes, the jewelry of collocation is also indispensable, will introduce a few wintry days essential jewelry to everyone today.


Pearl necklace

In winter, a sweater is a top that many people like to wear. And when sweater, MATCH a pearl necklace AGAIN, CAN SAY IS the perfect collocation combination, such collocation can appear elegant and have temperament.


Long sweater chain

A sweater chain is a necklace that adorns sweaters and coats. Long sweater chains create a nice V-shape on the sweater, and even with a basic solid color sweater, it looks very, very sophisticated and modifies the face.


Necklace to fold

Now a very popular way to wear a necklace is to fold it. A long and a short pair of necklaces folded together, fashionable and beautiful. However, it is important to note that when wearing a necklace, you should choose simple necklaces, too complex necklaces will look a little cumbersome.


Collarbone chain

go with its spend heavy money to buy the jewelry that those pick season, be inferior to the clavicle chain of a delicate eyeball, be in qiu dong especially, can let microdew be in outside skin more add a few minutes burnish, the careful machine of collocation depends on it.


Precautions for wearing jewelry

It should be noted that people with allergic constitution should not wear jewelry in general, especially not in summer. Susceptible people should avoid wearing gold plating, silver plating, chromium plating, nickel plating and other simulation jewelry that is easy to cause dermatitis. As soon as you have an allergic reaction, stop contact with jewelry immediately, and under the guidance of a doctor, give drug treatment to the allergic skin.


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