Wellness Spa: what is it?
Wellness Spa: what is it?
The wellness facilities in Hotel Albana Real offer relaxing moments and hours. Many of these are newly designed spas, which are open to everyone.

These days, spas are a very important part of many people’s lives, and are increasingly connected to the well-being of our society.There are many different approaches towards the design and running of spas, and people tend to look for those that best suit their needs.One of the latest innovations in this sector is the wellness Spa. Visit wellness Spa center Zermatt

Wellness Spa

Outside the realm of conventional hotels with spas, a new model of well-being has appeared, featuring a 360º method to achieve the best physical and psychological results. 

The method focuses on connecting all of the aspects that influence the health in a circular and balanced way.It is based on the usual therapies associated with a conventional spa, and also incorporates other essential factors to achieve noticeable changes in the body and mind: the most effective natural therapies complemented by nutrition techniques and the most advanced medicine, in particular, genetic and ageing prevention.  

The wellness Spa combines these techniques to produce better results, which would be impossible to achieve if they were provided as individual therapies.To begin with, each technique is implemented separately in order to analyse how to get the best possible results from a therapy combination.

Each person is given a individualised diet plan and menus according to their needs, prepared by nutrition specialists.

There are also clinical programmes for all types of people and problems: physiotherapy, preventative treatment, cognitive therapy, energy therapy, and sleep therapy.

In the area of well-being, beauty treatments are combined with fitness, including mental fitness.

Through a careful combination of techniques, a specific programme will be designed for your individual needs, with the constant support of a personalised service.So there is no chance of having bad results.  


In addition to the more personalised programmes that respond to the specific situation of each person, a range of standard programmes is also offered.

As previously mentioned, there are endless programme variations depending on what the person is looking for. For example, the following programmes are available: anti-stress, sports, weight control, cleansing, recovery, rejuvenation and well-being.

These groups also include general as well as very specific programmes.Other general programmes are also available, including rejuvenation and cleansing, as well as more specific programmes such as sleep recovery and smoking cessation.  

The wellness Spa produces the results that you are looking for thanks to its core philosophy: total well-being comes from connecting the mind and body.