Top Things Every Girl Should Know Before Go to Prom
Top Things Every Girl Should Know Before Go to Prom
Prom is meant to be a memorable experience. If you take prom seriously, you can cherish the prom experience forever.

Every girl should go to prom at least once in her life, but sometimes prom can be stressful to girls, because girls want Prom to be a Prom-worthy event, and prom is meant to be a memorable experience. And if you take prom seriously,  you can cherish the experience forever. 

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As the last big event that most girls get to do in high school, it’s exciting in many ways. It can be a wonder experience if you know these thoughts that run through every prom-goer's mind before prom.

1) Plan ahead, so you don't need to pay the total price

The price of prom dresses varies, it can cost and arm and a leg, it also can be affordable. Price depending on where you buy them from and when you buy them.

Many department stores often sell prom gowns at price 40% off during spring/ summer collections,  typically available in March or April.

Also, compare to local store, shop prom dresses online is cheaper, and there are more choices, too. Before shopping your dress online, you can also search their discount code to save money. At Happyprom, with discount code "Happyprom" to save 10% off.


2) Senior prom is different with Junior prom

Proms are often themed and more extravagant than most dances. Gowns for proms are usually much fancier. But it's essential to go into prom with an open mind. You can go to your prom with elaborate ball gowns or two pieces prom dresses, or you can girl with simple dresses that are easier to accessorize.


3) Choose a dress that flatters your body types and features

We should know that it doesn't mean the dress will look good on jut because your BFF/Sibling/Co-worker has worn it, or it looks good on the Model. You should choose your dress according to your own body types, skintone, and personality.

For reference and sugggestion, you may take a look at the prom dress pictures from the top Prom store. The designers of those dresses have worked hard to ensure that buyers purchase gowns that flatter their bodies and create an overall polished appearance. Take a look at the hot sale from the top prom store to narrow down your choice.

Don't wear any old prom dress just because someone else has. If you are in budget, there are lots of cheap prom dresses online for you.

4) Prom makeup should be more sophisticated than your everyday routine

Prom makeup needs to be more than just mascara and lip balm, all that matters are your prom photos. So make it count to having fun with your glam squad or by yourself with sophisticated makeup.

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5) Drinking responsibly is Prom-worthy

Proms can get expensive quickly, especially when there’s a separate price tag on alcohol at Proms these days, but drinking responsibly is Prom-worthy, so avoid Proms with open bars if you’re a lightweight!

If you’re going to drink, do it responsibly, for proms are not the time to take risks because Prom pictures will last a lifetime. Prom is your big night, which means that everyone will want pictures of you – don’t let those memories be doused in cheap beer or regretful decisions.

6) Prom is more than just a dance

Proms are usually very extravagant, which means there will be tons of photo opportunities for Facebook or Instagram! It is an experience nights that going out with your friends. Every girl deserves getting dressed up. You can get typically expensive dress, for prom isn't only tine you'll get dressed up, and you will get tons prom pictures last a lifetime.

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