Must-have Jackets for women
Must-have Jackets for women
Jackets for women are timeless fashion outfits for every winter. Women can never get bored of them due to the variety they come in.


Winters are almost arriving, and the prep around it has already started. Winter outfits have started coming from houses to stores to gear up for the coming winter. But one thing remains the same every winter: jacket fashion. Jackets for women are timeless fashion outfits for every winter. Women can never get bored of them due to the variety they come in.

But out of all the jackets available for women, there are a few that every woman must have. You may have a variety of jackets in your wardrobe. But if you don’t have these women jackets, you are missing many things. So let’s find out which jackets we are talking about.

Must-Have Women's Jackets

1- Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have captured the jacket market over the past few years. However, you may be surprised to know that these jackets come from the 18th century. The Hungary soldiers wore these jackets as a uniform before they became fashionable. Then, coco Chanel introduced bomber jackets in the fashion industry. Since then, multiple brands and stores have created and started selling bomber jackets.

Most often, bikers love to try these jackets; however, now they have become a common fashion trend. They go well with shorts, torn denim, and pencil skirts too.

2- Leather Jackets

When confusion strikes and you cannot pick the right jacket, go for leather jackets. This classic winter outfit makes a versatile fashion statement for both men and women. If nothing suits you well, leather jackets are what you must try. They go with almost every outfit and are suitable for casual occasions and parties. Like, bomber jackets, leather jackets were worn by German pilots for the first time.

The craze for leather jackets increased because of Harley Davidson. That is why some people call it a rider’s jacket too. You can find these in different styles, like open leather jackets, belted leather jackets, and zipped leather jackets. Try them out with leather pants, short skirts, crop tops, and off-shoulder tops.

3- Denim Jackets

When talking about jackets, there is one jacket type that we can never leave behind: Denim Jackets. All the jackets we mentioned above have some history attached, and so does this. Denim Jackets were worn by the US military back in the 50s. But at present, they are one of the most common jackets worn by both men and women. Denim jackets are evergreen as they have become a fashion for all seasons.

Hippies mainly wore these jackets when they first came into trend. But at present, they are commonly worn by everyone. There is no better outfit than denim jackets to go casual or try on a badass look.

The Bottom Line

We hope these must-have jackets keep you warm and make you look fab this winter. But, even if you can’t go for all of them, do give a try to bomber or leather jackets. Jackets by ONLY are apt for all occasions and look great with any winter outfit you want to try!