Jewelry Is a Part of Human Culture
Jewelry Is a Part of Human Culture
Jewelry Is a Part of Human Culture


As a part of human art and culture, jewelry is a comprehensive embodiment of human politics, economy, culture and other aspects. Due to the differences in local gem resources and different cultural backgrounds, jewelry is imprinted with different times, styles and regions. Next, let's have a look!


The original time

In the primitive period, people wore animal bones, teeth and shells to hang them on their necks, and inserted the feathers of birds on their heads, forming the earliest jewelry. The FORMS OF these ornaments REFLECT THE hazy decorative consciousness in the early stage of human civilization, the cultural situation and aesthetic taste of human beings at that time, from which we can feel the ancestors' thoughts and the enlightenment of human aesthetic consciousness.


Old Stone Age

In the Paleolithic Age, more and more objects were used as jewelry. According to the archaeological findings in China, stone, bone, teeth, mussels and eggshells were all used as jewelry materials. At this time, most of the jewelry is relatively rough, but a small part of the jewelry has been more carefully processed, and there are holes or painted on them.


Neolithic Age

After entering the Neolithic Age, human beings have accumulated more experience in production and life. They can process more kinds of materials and more shapes of decorations, and make various combinations of them. In this period, the materials and forms of jewelry are more abundant, and the behavior of decoration with various fine or wild prices is very common in the aesthetic consciousness of many nations in the world.


When human beings enter the civilized society, due to the improvement of productive forces, the development of economic society, and the progress of commercial civilization, the jewelry art has also achieved considerable development. Today, jewelry has become an indispensable part of our life.


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