Is Blogging Valuable?
Is Blogging Valuable?
5 Tips to Find The Best Blogging Topics 5 Tips to Find The Best Blogging Topics

It's a question I am asked very frequently, along with the following questions:-


How useful is blogging to your business?


Why do you need a blog anyway?


Can a blog really help your online business?


Blogging is one most important ways that you can utilise to grow your business, and it doesn't have to cost very much for you to use a blog and reap the benefits of increased visibility and increased traffic.


Many people are put off from blogging because they don't understand it.


Even more are put off from blogging because they think that they don't have the time to maintain a blog.


Both are reasons for not adding a blog to your business, but, while they are valid reasons, they should not be used to stop yourself helping your business grow by blogging.


There are two types of blog:-


1. The type that provides useful content and you wish to return time and time again, to find out what is new and useful to you.


2. The type that provides content but is godlike productions used primarily as a means of attracting links and traffic.


You can include all sorts of different format of posts to your blogs, but try and make sure that they provide some benefit to the reader. It can be a list of Top 10 ideas, a checklist of things related to your niche, or even just a comment about some news that relates to your particular niche.


Always make sure that you include a link back to your site within the body of the blog post because your posts will get syndicated across a great number of other blogs, news sites, and websites, and this can be a great way to increase the link popularity of you blog and gain extra traffic. For example, I might try to include " Written by David Watson at [] " in the content of the blog post to make sure that this will show up whenever the blog post is copied.


Just by frequently blogging about a particular topic, you soon become recognized as an expert in that particular niche, which makes anything that you write, email, or say, more authoritative and more likely to be noticed.


Blog posts don't have to be long. They could be only a few sentences, or, if you really have something worthwhile to say, they could be several pages long.


Just sit down and start writing - take action now. Create one new post today, and you could be gaining new traffic from your blog immediately.