How To Promote A Blog Post
How To Promote A Blog Post
5 Tips to Find The Best Blogging Topics 5 Tips to Find The Best Blogging Topics

Maximum exposure is the key so automated systems are great like friend feed, there are a few sites on that kind of idea so look for ones that accept an RSS feed. You can also find Ning networks where you can again join a community and get an RSS feed into your personal community page.


Facebook of course, twitter, get into the existing big blog networks that again offer RSS feeds.


Linked in and again with the RSS feed, grab an RSS submitter like RSSSubmit there are tons of directories that you can submit your feed to.


Article directories and again with the automation, grab a software program that submits to multiple accounts and get all that set up. (before submitting make sure you have the page indexed on your own blog first)


Yahoo answers a great source for traffic and sight your own articles, giving a damn good answer so you get winning answers and gain trust.


Build a social profile for digg and stumble, or hook up with someone that already has social clout.


Link build link build link build


Write link bait, and again write link bait


Join forums get some credibility then dress for baby shower  for topics where you can sight your own work, but make sure it is really on topic and adds super value.


Look for sites like where again you can add articles to the listing.


Go to an office works shop, get 3000 single colour posters made up and plaster your 'real community'


If you can swing a Google maps listing with keywords that are searched for do that as well.


Above all look for automation and network friends, as if you try and manually do it all you will never get any writing done.


Interact with you market community other blogs, news blogs are pretty darn golden and if you can get into Google news, yahoo news.


Sight industry leaders and build their ego and get more love


- it is not just the promoting of the article but the whole bag baby!


Do not underestimate the power of article directories and directories in general - and if you can afford it and actually have a revenue model throw in some PPC advertising cause at the end of the day nothing beats a broad marketing strategy


Did you know that you can promote your affiliate articles just like the above mentioned methods? Here are some affiliate marketing tips [] to get started.