How to Craft the Perfect Athleisure Look
How to Craft the Perfect Athleisure Look
Do you want to express yourself in a comfortable and versatile way? Athleisure might be the style for you. Gym clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore. You can repurpose track pants and windbreakers into stylish expressions to wear at the gym, on the go or even at home. Here is a guide to the three pieces of a complete athleisure look.

Athletic and leisure styles have combined to form one of the most popular looks right now—athleisure. This style has become increasingly popular over the past few years. After all, who doesn’t want to make track pants a staple in their daily looks? Athleisure outfits are comfortable, stylish and creative. Here are the basics of building a style you can wear at the gym, on the go or at home.

Go Loose and Retro on Top

The 90s are back—at least the style is. 90s windbreakers are a perfect statement top for an athleisure look. This is because windbreakers combine an athletic material with a fit that is comfortable but still stylish. A bomber jacket is another good option for outerwear. This jacket is based on flight jackets initially created for pilots. It is cut short and features a ribbed waistband and matching cuffs. Because athleisure tops are meant to be versatile, pair yours with a hoodie or graphic T-shirt to show off multiple pieces at once.

Athletic Leggings and Joggers on the Bottom

The best part of an athleisure look is that you get to wear joggers. A pair of slim-fitting joggers with a cuffed ankle is a must-have in your rotation. Or you can mix it up with some athletic leggings. Athletic leggings and joggers come in every color and design imaginable and you can mix and match them to fit different vibes. If you have a plain top, try some lime green or checkered athletic leggings. Is your 90s windbreaker pink and teal? Pair it with some stealth black joggers. Either way, you have the option to focus your outfit without sacrificing your favorite pieces.

Bring It All Together with the Right Kicks

Sneaker culture has adopted the athleisure movement because, let’s face it, loud shoes look good with joggers and athletic tops. What if you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a pair of collectible sneakers? A pair of reissued retro shoes is a perfect option. Choose something that stands out. An all-white pair of shoes or ones that feature a zig-zag sole will look right at home.

If you want to make a statement, shoes offer the best chance. Because very few athleisure looks will cover your shoes up like jeans and slacks might, you get to show off a piece of your wardrobe that usually ends up hidden. This is an excellent opportunity to go shoe shopping and find something that matches your personality.

The athleisure style gives you the best of both worlds. You can be comfortable and ready for any situation while still expressing your own personal style. These essentials will help you build a wardrobe of outfits perfect for any occasion.

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