How I stick my hair system and style it at home
How I stick my hair system and style it at home
Today I am going to show you how I stick down the front hairline of men's hair system and style it at home.

How I stick my hair system and style it at home

Today I am going to show you how I stick down the front hairline of men's hair system and style it at home.

I've been bald since I was 34 for a long time. Now I've got hair and it's gonna take a little bit of getting used to but I am getting there and I enjoy the time I have hair. Right now I will not go out without my hair.

This is the hair that I had from LaVivid Hair. It's a really beautiful hair. I have had it on for about two and a half months now and it's still going strong. It's still silky, soft and lovely. I love it and massive thank you to LaVivid Hair. If you're thinking about getting a hair or if you already have hair systems, trust me they are amazing and their hair is incredible.

I've had it applied about two weeks ago just before we got into lockdown. Now it's starting to lift a little bit in the front line. I'm gonna pin it back and show you how I stick it down.

Firstly I'm going to talk about what I washed my hair with because I washed my hair before doing this and dried it. I try not to wash the men's hair system unless I really need to.

This is the conditioner that I use silicon mix and it's the bamboo one. My old system was a very thin system compared to this so it made the hair quite greasy and stuck on the head. The men's hair system from LaVivid is a lot thicker and it is perfect. I wash the men's hair system with Aussie shampoo and then apply a bit of this. I simply wet it down in the shower and drop a load of this on it and leave it for about five minutes and then I rinse it off and it really helps.

Then I will show you how I stick this front hairline down. You're gonna need at least two Clips and a comb which is used to push the base down after you reattach it. Also you're going to need cotton pads to remove the glue and you're gonna need the glue itself.

What you need to do next is that you need to first pull back very gently on your hair so I pull from the actual hair itself all the way until you reach the PU skin as mine has a lace front and a PU back. Then I secure the hair with these bobby pins. What we need to do is literally clean off the glue. Then I am gently wiping away all of the glue so the glue comes off with the pad.

Then I will apply the glue. You can use a brush or something that you think is handy and works well. What I use is a q-tip and I put some on there and then I dab it on little circles where I know it needs to go and then I use the mark out how far I need to go now. The reason that I can do this without the pencil is because I've done it a few times. But if you are doing it yourself, please try not to get it on the actual lace because it will seep through the mesh and stick on to the hair. Then it is really hard to get rid of.

Then I'm gonna use the hairdryer to dry it on a cool setting. Once it's clear that means it's ready for you to put it down. Then I place my comb in there so that I have a grip of the hair and I simply push it down. Now the reason you use a comb for this is because if you use your finger it's gonna get really stuck. If the glue comes out and it will get all over your fingers and all over the hair which is exactly what you do not want.  So you want to push it in with the comb.

I'm gonna have to leave it for about no less than 12 hours just to let the glue set before you start pulling it about straightening it and whatever so what I'm going to do I'm going to leave it now that it's stuck down and that I am satisfied that it is down and it is secure and I will do the styling process tomorrow.

Now I'm going to show you how I style my hair. So for this, I use this mini strengtheners and then I style with the L'Oreal net and I like to choose the one because I find that it brushes out nicely and also it makes your hair feel quite nice. It makes your hair feel nice rather than stiff and stuck. It actually feels quite still got a bit of movement to it.

I have straightened it just very quickly nothing crazy but I just think I straighten it because it's not your hair and it doesn't move or act in the way normally the hair would. It's a bit stiffer it's doesn't flow like normal hair would which is just it's normal that is what it is. Then I'm gonna put a bit of hairspray in it.

Also the reason that I straighten it is because that is kind to me it makes my hair integrate with the system better if it's all in the same there's all straight and it's all been straightened in the same direction it blends better. I would not suggest using any gel in the indoor hair system. I tried it and to me it just means you have to wash it a lot quicker. I find this hairspray which is a bit of a lighter hairspray means you don't have to wash it quite so quickly. I like to have mine in a kind of forward a spiky look. Other people have different styles when they have their system but I don't personally like that look on me. Like the slicked-back look or having it flat down. I hate myself having flat hair and a fringe.

Yeah this is the finished look. It's not the best I could ever do it but this is the kind of look that I go for. I really like it and to me you know I find it quite natural.