Hidden Viking Record Vikings and the Glass Mountain
Hidden Viking Record Vikings and the Glass Mountain
Party Theme - We Suggest a Viking Themed Up Helly Aa Party Party Theme - We Suggest a Viking Themed Up Helly Aa Party

Lots of people often question "What makes a Battle Guitar so great?"  I easily bring up the remarkable defensive functions that many competitors just cannot understand until they've fought against a Old Fight Guitar, or until they've discovered to use one effectively themselves.  Rarely can you be concerned about your blade getting destroyed in struggle, in place of a sword, while guarding against attacks.  Well over 95% of the weapon can be found in stopping sharp edged weapons, with a sword you're limited by the flat of a knife or the cross guard. 


The struggle guitar did have several vulnerabilities, the wooden manage (often manufactured from hard woods for strength) could possibly be utilized out if your warrior wasn't intense enough within their preventing style.  If they would utilize the base to block problems against bladed tools also frequently, they would ultimately wittle away. Consequently many axes probably produced metal straps along the haft of the tool, just as much medieval conflict hammers did in later years of war.


Among the great features of the challenge axe was (and still is) wherever it's center of stability is and it's mass.  Unlike a sword (usually balanced near the hilt), a great axe can harmony a couple of inches under the top (very helpful for the thrown edition of these weapons).  That permitted an strike to force through defensive obstacles. Also nowadays fire competitors use axes to reduce through gates & walls (obstacles) to get to their targets.  A good battle guitar, well maintained & pointed before war, would have simply torn apart wood & material shields.


Still another key benefit to numerous axes (especially the halberd, or very large axes) will be what several contact the beard.  A bearded axe has a extended level in the bottom of the edge used to pull out into opponents, or simply to catch glasses and appendages. In fact, many fighters fought for the best reason.  To help keep their houses, vibrant engine & families safe!  I highly recommend that anybody enthusiastic about understanding more about a struggle guitar, obtain one that is made of carbon metal & from a reliable source.


"To achieve the temper of a player is not just a easy matter. It is really a revolution. To respect the lion and the water rodents and our fellow guys as equals is a magnificent behave of a warrior's spirit. It takes power to complete that." Carlos Castaneda Stories of glass hills and sacred marriages are identified throughout the world. They reach as far as Indonesia and Polynesia. The distribute of the stories can be linked to the explorations of the North Ocean People (our ancestors) circa 1500 BC.


There are numerous legends which can be told across the coasts of the North Beach about a 'Glasberg' or 'Glastemplel' which sank under the waves. 'Glas' might be interpreted as meaning 'Amber.' Viking shields

  history of the "Queen on the Glass Mountain," is very widespread with at the least thirty variations. In Scandinavia, Brunhilde, the valkyrie, sits on the Glass Mountain. She was placed there by Odin. Siegfried trips on his horse to free her. Chances are they get married.


Most of the types of the Glass Hill speak about the Rod star. The Indian legend of the hill of Meru (The Glowing Mountain) lies under the Pole star. On the Summit of Mt. Meru live the Gods and the Souls of these ancestors (Asgard and Valhalla.) This Amber Mountain was on an area near Heligoland (Atlantis) and sunk beneath the sea circa 1500 BC. This is the model for all 'Glass Mountain" stories that has been changed to Fairy Stories through the world.


The Axe Conspiracy: Through the Bronze Era the Conspiracy of the Sacred Axe spread through the world. Axes are within graves, below position stones, in house websites, applied generally as habit offerings. These were occur our planet straight with the innovative in the air.


May axes were found in Scandinavia, Indonesia and France. These Habit Axes, were most likely wanted to a pre-historic 'Axe God.' Several axes that were found were new and unused. Many copper, small Axes were utilized as pendants round the neck. Many stone designs were discovered depicting an Guitar God. The Axe God, carrying a sizable guitar, is revealed on a stone floor at Simrishamm, South Sweden.


The God of the Guitar was particularly respected during this pre-historic period. It absolutely was definitely started in the North. Axes were made from flint, deer or reindeer antlers, bone and copper. The very first double-sided guitar was within Scandinavia. It is an authentic Nordic tool which distribute for the duration of Europe and England. The oldest flint Axe on the planet was dated 1700 BC.