Grow Your Clothing Business With Oxym Crafts! Partner With Us, For Customised Apparel Bulk Orders.
Grow Your Clothing Business With Oxym Crafts! Partner With Us, For Customised Apparel Bulk Orders.
As a design house and garment manufacturing unit based out of New Delhi, Oxym Crafts’ is specialized in women's wear and has been recognized for its passion and dedication to Fashion, Innovation and Customer satisfaction.

Growing a clothing business is really hard in today’s India as there are already so many competitors out there. Since clothing is a very ancient concept, back from 1500 BC, it is not really their fault as the clothing business industry has grown immensely since ancient times.


Though there are competitors, your business can still stand out in India and Abroad if you

have the right quality of clothing and have the capacity to produce according to the necessity and in order to have that, you need a good and stable manufacturer for your business and Oxym Crafts is just that one manufacturer for you!


Oxym Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is a clothing manufacturer company. It is one of the leading and fastest-growing apparel manufacturing companies in India. They help business heads of well-renowned apparel brands by providing end-to-end solutions (concept to finished garment) according to the company’s needs and client profile.


Oxym Crafts is founded by Ms Namrata, Ms Anu & Mr Akshay.


Ms Namrata is the director and the creative head as she is a trained designer in fashion and textiles. Ms Anu has an aesthetic eye & impeccable knowledge and experience in the business. Mr Akshay has an immense experience in the business, as he comes from a multidisciplinary background. He is a strong leader of the company.


Oxym Crafts deals in business-to-business production and is one of the leading B2B clothing suppliers in India. They specialize in women’s clothing manufacturers in India and have been among the pioneers in introducing traditional work attire for women.


They produce garments made of organic cotton, handmade cotton, power loom/auto loom cotton, rayons, linens and silk.


As one of the top 10 garment manufacturing companies in India, Oxym Crafts is on a mission to touch the lives of its customers by adding value to the way they feel about themselves and the world, as they believe- “ Attire is a reflection of self “


They work with a Win-Win-Win philosophy, where they strive to deliver high-quality apparel, implement design-driven ideas, build trust and gratify their customers, time and again.


Since, Oxym Crafts take full responsibility for your garment order, right from conceptualizing, designing and producing and leaving you with only one job and that is to sell your products in full capacity, we believe, it is the perfect partner for you to grow your business even more. They produce both in bulk and in small orders, as per your requirement and keep in check the ultimate quality of the garments for your business. It is one of the top 10 readymade garment manufacturers in India and its categories in business include, women's traditional wear, western wear and uniforms, as of now.


To add and conclude, Oxym Crafts has served in bulk some of the leading garment businesses of India, which includes BIBA, Reliance Trends, Westside, etc., and is waiting for valuable customers like you to partner with for their amazing journey ahead.


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